Quazal Joins The Unreal Engine 3 Integrated Partners Program

Quazal is today proud to announce that they've joined Epic Games' Integrated Partners Program for Unreal Engine 3. Rendez-Vous and Spark! have been fully integrated into Unreal Engine 3 and is now available for licensing directly from Quazal.

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The INDIE Live Expo 2024 event is to feature over 100 game titles

INDIE Live Expo, Japan’s premiere online digital showcase series , will debut never-before-seen games & content updates across more than 100 titles on May 25th.


German Computer Game Awards 2024 has just announced its winners

"The best games of the year and the creative teams behind them were in the spotlight at the grand award ceremony of the German Computer Game Award 2024." - German Computer Game Awards.

anast1d 18h ago

BG3 has won everything possible. It's insane.

TGG_overlord1d 9h ago

That's right, well, BG3 deserved it imo.

anast1d 7h ago

It's definitely a game of the generation if not all time.

InUrFoxHole1d 6h ago

Sure buddy... You're trying to tell me it has a deeper story than goat 🐐 simulator 4000?!?!?. I wanna give bg3 a shot but my brain is burnt out on long games


The Pokémon Center Re-Releases Its Van Gogh Goods – And Sells Out Most in Under 24 Hours

Seven months after its infamous launch, the Van Gogh Museum is restocking its popular Pokémon collaboration items -- and selling out fast.