Operation Rainfall Review: Rhythm Thief

Operation Rainfall writes: "Not having played Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, I don’t know for sure if Rhythm Thief is the best rhythm-based game on the Nintendo 3DS. What I do know for sure is what Xeen and Sega have shown me is the gold standard for what a rhythm game should do.

It should use just about everything that a system offers. If it has a touch screen, it should utilize the touch screen. It is has buttons and a D-pad, it should use it. If it has gyro-controls, it should use gyro-controls. Pretty much the only things they didn’t use were the camera and the microphone – and I don’t know how they would have used the camera.

This game has faults, yes, but the faults are more or less personal annoyances than bugs in the game. This is well worth a buy."

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