GTA V falls within two release windows

The flurry of Grand Theft Auto 5 screens had been a nice tease for fans of the franchise, but the silence since is not welcoming and it is hoped that another GTA V trailer would land soon considering the prolonged wait since the last one. The viral marketing, new images, and other information had led some people to believe a release date would at least be announced soon, but nothing has come to light and some gamers are starting to get frustrated again.

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gamernova2229d ago

Newegg lets me preorder the game and it claims that the game is coming out on the 31st of December.

DasTier2229d ago

why would anyone release a game imediatly after the holiday season. I call bullsh*t.

Dovahkiin2229d ago

Definitely a placeholder, R* aren't stupid.

TCG_Returns2229d ago

Yeah! Why would anyone release a game during the boxing day sales that last all week after christmas.The most intense shopping week of the entire year!

Totally crazy!

DasTier2228d ago

@TCG_Returns The amount of revenue they would miss out on by doing that is ridiculous, Whether its GTA V or not releasing just after Christmas is a bad idea.

i_da_pappy2229d ago

most places do that it's just a place marker. it's not coming out on the 31st they do that until they have the real date.

gamernova2226d ago

Oh Okay! I found it a bit weird. I was like aren't the buyers going to be drained of all their money after Christmas? haha Thanks.

modesign2229d ago

retailers and sites use Dec 31st as a place holder if the release date is not in the current year. unless your stupid enough to think the game is coming out dec31

Zephyrus342229d ago

@modesign And then it releases on Dec 31st. Oooh the irony. haha just having funs with something that wont happen. :)

danswayuk2229d ago

GTA 5 won't come until 2013, most likely before April.

Shotcalm2229d ago

we gonna find out in a few calm da f**** down.

Tetsujin2229d ago

I still have some games I have yet to even crack open that I bought/downloaded back earlier this year; them taking their time to make the game is released with a low number of issues is perfectly ok with me.