Game CEO: There Will Be New Stores

Dealspwn writes: Despite closing nearly half of their stores earlier this year, new GAME Retail CEO Martyn Gibbs says they are planning on opening new stores in an interview with MCV.

“There have been a few closures, but in time there will be some openings as well and there will be a few new stores. We will announce these as we go.”

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iamnsuperman2231d ago

This time open them in logical places. In Cardiff city centre there were two stores not that far from each other. Leicester city also had two not to far away from each other. Just madness.

bggriffiths2231d ago

Same deal all over the place from what I hear. Hopefully he does mean in locations that haven't really had one for a while, places that need them.

TopDudeMan2231d ago

yup. In glasgow city centre, they used to have a game and a gamestation on the same street and another game in a shopping centre pretty close by. Not very clever.

deep_fried_bum_cake2230d ago

Yeah but now neither of them are there. They should've gotten rid of the game in the st enoch centre rather than the one on sauchihall street.

fossilfern2231d ago

Same in Belfast they had one at the Donegal Arcade and had one in the Castle Court shopping centre that were literally around the corner from each other!

Made no sense

omi25p2230d ago

Where i live there were 3. You could literally stand in one of them and see the other two from the door.

There was also a gamestation which is owned by the same company just down the road from the three games.

TheLyonKing2230d ago

In Aberdeen they have one in bon accord another on union street and a game station a 5 min walk from that!

TheSaint2230d ago

Two? lol, we had THREE within about half a mile of each other in Southampton.

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extermin8or2231d ago

The one they've shut in Epsom could do with being reopened and the gamestation shut instead; both have the same prices but GAME gets better deals etc

finite2230d ago

Chances of game opening new stores 0% they are in a NET loss already and making no real positive growth at all. The are also closing Londons Main store which is just dumb since it the onlt shop thats makes shit loads of money and bring in the biggest crowds for the biggest game releases.

kostchtchie_2230d ago

nice more rip of retail shops, just die already game

Kurt Russell2230d ago

I don't know why anyone would shop at Game.

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The story is too old to be commented.