Super Mario Cosplay - The Good, The Bad, The Weird

[guitarse gaming] "Lets face it, at some point in their gaming life, everyone needs to show some love to Mario, but I thought this week I would take that thought a little further, are there some Marios in this world you would really want to show some love to?"

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eTeknix2324d ago

Haha, sexy marios ftw.

jghvhv2324d ago

I went "WTF?!" at this one.

guitarse2324d ago

Haha yeah agreed, but I gotta admit its a pretty cool design.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2324d ago

It's a mario pipe leading to a Vagina youngster. ;)

vallencer2324d ago

None of those were actually bad its just the ones that were "bad" just weren't sexy is all. And that tattoo.....

guitarse2324d ago

Yeah I normally have a good mix of good bad and weird in there, but who would have thought this article would turn up so many lovely ladies? seemed a shame to throw in a half dozen fat guys as mario and ruin a gallery which I think has turned out rather spiffy.

Dms20122324d ago

Just stop it already. What a bunch of infants we have become.

guitarse2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Says the person stropping in the comments section?

I'm a 28yr old male, with a wife, a child, a job, I pay my bill and all the other things that come with being as far from an infant as I am, if I wish to publish an article based on hot girls, then that is my wish, its a mature post and my right to do so if I wish, but don't refer to us all as a "we", not only do I find it offensive, but you're also drawing your self into that statement also.

So cheer up buddy, enjoy the article, and if you don't like it, don't click it, the internet is a big place, so I'm sure you can find better things to do with your time than calling people infants, be they infants or not.

Perhaps write and submit your own article that you think meets the standards of the site, or the "we" to which you're referring.

Dms20122324d ago

And it being the internet, I have a right to voice my opinion. I am merely tired of cosplay articles at every turn, so even if I choose not to click, I still have my eyes raped with these absurdities. I like hot girls to, but it has f#*k all to do with GAMING.

Holeran2324d ago

I'm a 41 year old gamer with 5 children and 2 grandchildren and I say keep it up. You can never have enough pictures of hot ladys, cosplay or not.

vallencer2324d ago

Actually it has a lot to do with gaming when they're cosplaying a video game character.

thebudgetgamer2324d ago

I grade this article incomplete due to the lack of