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Esteban Cuevas of Metal Arcade writes:

Cloud gaming. Something I thought I would never see in my lifetime. However, the people at OnLive have made it possible, by making an agreement with Zeus and Jerry Garcia and we now have video games from…oh wait. Cloud gaming is just streaming games? Okay, never mind. Let me start over…

OnLive is a PC platform that allows you stream video games from a remote server, giving you high end computer quality and stability as long as you have an internet connection. The benefit of this is any computer with a good internet connection (3 Mbps or higher) will be able to play video games that you normally might not be able to, due to an aging processor or graphics card. I have a six year old PC that hasn’t been upgraded in that amount of time with the exception of a monitor and a disc drive. I don’t own any of the newer consoles due to budget limitations, so I don’t have a means to play newer games. However, for the past few days, I’ve been trying OnLive with two titles, Mafia II and D...

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Holeran2234d ago

This is obviously the way to go when they truly work out all of the bugs in it. I believe that the next gen of consoles may very well be the last gen of consoles when things like onlive get worked out to parity with everything else.

MaxXAttaxX2234d ago

I'll use cloud gaming if they have rental subscription service.
I like to physically own my games and not be dependent on servers to play them.

brich2332234d ago

Where have you been? You can rent with Onlive service since the day it came out. Go check it out.

MetalArcade2229d ago

You can rent with OnLive.