Monster Hunter Series To Be Removed From The Playstation Store?

A posting on the well known hacking site Wololo has revealed that the PSP Monster Hunter games are capable of allowing PSP emulation on the Playstation Vita. This is bad news for anybody who wants to actually play the series.

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SandWitch3243d ago

Probably yes, then patched and put back to PS Store

strangelove3243d ago

I'm mostly worried about the last time a game was removed for exploits. It took them forever to put it back up. Luckily I still have my physical copy of Monster Hunter though. Of course my PSP screen is busted however...

1nsomniac3243d ago

Forever.... I seem to remember it being under 2 weeks.

strangelove3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

It was actually a bit over three weeks, which is practically the same as forever.

CaptCalvin3243d ago

It did take something like a month.

Blacksand13242d ago

With the PSPgo it was easy to port the games i brought on there to Vita.

NovusTerminus3243d ago

Hackers: They take all the good things from people who just want to play.

SpitTake3243d ago

You should read what Wololo said stupid.
He said "We expect Sony to pull the game from their stores within the next 48h, so if you are interested in homebrews, you might want to buy that game asap before it is out. For those who worry that we are sacrificing one of the best titles of the PSP in the name of homebrews, please keep in mind that so far the PSP games used in VHBL exploits have always returned to the PSN after a patch has been pushed by Sony."

TheLiztress3243d ago

There is no guarantee on that. And besides, why don't they just leave this thing alone? Do you really have to hack something like this?

Baka-akaB3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

"You should read what Wololo said stupid."

And ? how does it contradict what he says ? It basically mean that because of hackers crap , the game might not be around for people wanting it for at least a month

That click is basically as annoying as a drm in their consequences for other people

SpitTake3243d ago

I love all the dislikes for the simple reason that shows how much people are willing to take it up the azz from corporations and how much mindless fanboys are on this site because god forbid that you get to do what ever you want with your console that you paid 250-300 dollars.
There aren't even any piratable vita games on the internet, stupid, this program is mainly for home brew games

rpd1233243d ago

You can do whatever you want with your console... as long as it's legal. Once you start pirating games, it's not legal and you cannot do whatever you want. That's like saying because you paid for your blu ray player you should be able to steal blu rays. It doesn't make any sense at all.

Baka-akaB3242d ago

Your right shouldnt be interfering with the basic rights of others to just enjoy their system and stuff as is .

And right now that kind of crap is

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1nsomniac3243d ago

Well done on making urself look more of a tool than these hackers ever will.

Lord_Sloth3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Let's see what hackers have done for us...Aside from the DRM and the Playstation hack...Which punished the gamers instead of anybody else...Nothing good comes to mind.

Hackers only keep us from having nice things.

Now they're robbing us of a most beloved franchises in the US!

NovusTerminus3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

So, I am a tool for just playing and paying for the games I like?

I don't mind hacking and modding at it's base level, but the endgame is always the same: Piracy. The PSP had a HUGE problem with it, and if it takes off on the Vita, it just might as well.

But I am a tool for wanting to support devs that I like, and play games I enjoy. But they are Martyrs for paving the way for piracy and possible closed dev teams.

Okay... Whatever.

Baka-akaB3243d ago

Dont bother , they'd righfully b*tch about the grievances of drms , yet basically worship someone with the same nasty after effects

PopRocks3593242d ago


This. Absolutely this. I always get the same criticism for saying how I enjoy supporting the people who make the games I enjoy.

As far as I'm concerned, piracy is theft and modding a platform can and probably eventually will lead to piracy on that platform which leads to more crappy regulations pushed on to the consumer.

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Blacksand13243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I already D.L MHU on my Vita from the PSPgo in March when i frist got my Vita and I put VC2 on it to.

CaptCalvin3243d ago

What's the point of PSP emulation on the Vita again? Doesn't it already support many PSP games already?

MasterCornholio3243d ago

Why do some people want to hack their systems?

The answer is free games.

CaptCalvin3243d ago

but it's not like the PSP emulation that we're talking about here lets you play free games anyway right? or am i just ignorant?

Skate-AK3243d ago

They mean PSP emulation to where you can play Snes games and other platforms.

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