Are 2D Games Dead?

Two of gameplayer's writers have debated this question over the course of this article as they seek an answer.

"Most 3D games are linear canyon shooters or derivative sports titles. We've given more 9/10s to Xbox Live Arcade games than we have to full games"

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ravinash4330d ago

2D games still have a lot to offer and there are many games that if they were presented in 2D might have had a deeper story and longer lasting experience.
I would count Balders Gate as a 2D game, and that was on of the best games I've ever played.
Compare that to Mass effect which is another great game, but it had been turned into a bit of a shooter and the slow loading graphics did take away from the experience, so I can see where they are coming from when they talk about how the devs spend more time getting it to work rather than focusing on the game.