SCEE Founder Chris Deering, "Cloud Gaming is a like a new language. Learn it or fall behind"

Thirteen1 - Cloud gaming is here, and it’s here to stay. Today, the Wilberforce Court in Kingston Upon Hull was the venue for an energetic panel debate on the significant pace of the cloud gaming movement and what it means for digital businesses the world over.

The panel, fronted by SCEE founder and gaming industry legend, Chris Deering, was compiled of 4 representatives from 4 different business areas affected by, and driving forward, the cloud gaming initiative. Chris Deering handled the gaming side of discussions, while Mike Hall from mobile service provider, O2 was on hand to talk about the upcoming 4G roll out and what they’re doing to ensure people are connected to “the cloud” at all time. The panel also welcomed Andy Whale from local internet providers, KC, and the charismatic Jiveen Lal from Hilcox Insurance.

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DeadlyFire2326d ago

Well I wouldn't say it begins until the Global bandwidth hits 100+ Mbps which is slated for 2020 or so. 50-100% of population in nearly every country will have access to 100 Mbps by 2020-2025.

TheBrownBandito2326d ago

I think that is slightly overstating it to be fair. A solid 10Mbps should cope, so 20 would be fine for multiple applications within an average household.

The latency is the trickier issue

DeadlyFire2326d ago

Okay maybe not all 100 Mbps, but many are aiming for that. Some only aim to 25 Mbps, but at that speed you already have the fiber backbone. So it wouldn't take much longer to throw in an upgrade to it to 50, and then 100.

Thing that I like is 100 Million homes in the US should have access to affordable 100 Mbps broadband in 2020. :)

TheBrownBandito2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

True, but the cost is always going to be prohibitive without government subsidy. Offering any meaningful financial support would require politicians with real vision. Here in the UK we are desperately lacking in that department. :(

Left to the markets (particularly in the current economic climate) I think that dream is a long way off. I have a 40Mbps fibre connection (previously 0.5Mbps ADSL) and other than through the big players such as iTunes, it still hasn't revolutionised my experience. Even the PSN seems to limit at 16Mbps..

Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for my 40Mbps. But I think until the price is low enough for the vast majority of hosts to offer wider bandwidth, we will not see the real leap that the forward thinking among us truly crave. :)

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