N4G COD4 Tournament III:

N4G is Proud to announce the 3rd N4G: COD4 community Tournament.
For more info about this tournament and sign ups please follow the link.

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timmyp534322d ago

Am i suppose to approve this?

HeartlesskizZ4322d ago for people who only visit the front page to see this and have a chance to enter the new tournament =D

TheSadTruth4322d ago

Why do PC gamers have to be left out. The game was meant to be played on the most superior platform.

Shankle4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Like me :D
I'm so glad someone put this up! Thank you!

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timmyp534322d ago

The forums have been sorta busy with the wave of main site ppl seeping in but we need some fresh blood. Some honest trustworthy blood that won't be oversleeping independent no-shows.

mintaro4322d ago

time to get my freak on, CoD4 style!

HeartlesskizZ4322d ago

Yay im glad you guys are excited as well... please post your Gamertag/PSN ID in the thread so that we can put you on the list...thanks =D

Rice4322d ago

lol, i let my friend borrow my COD4.

Rice4322d ago

its cuz i rented Lair(dont ask why), and i have only 1 week to enjoy it...COUGH...COUGH... but since im such a great buddy i let my friend borrow for a month... But i got his Spiderman 3 (Blu ray) to watch IF i'm bored of it...

TwissT4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Hey Rice thanks for the borrow lol. If I happen to win I am will be sure to give you a share of the prize.

Shankle4321d ago

You swapped COD4 for Lair and Spiderman 3? Even though it is just for a week, I should really take your bubbles.

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The story is too old to be commented.