Panasonic PT-AX 200U Review

by Gerry Block

Pleased with the PT-AX 200U's movie performance, we turned to gaming. The projector's Game Mode actually does more than simply reduce image processing to mitigate scaling lag. Panasonic was in fact careful enough to realize that many modern games play with shadow and darkness in a big way, and tend to be generally dark overall. Because projectors are somewhat darker in general than panel HDTVs, the PT-AX 200U's Game Mode adjusts the device's dynamic iris to brighten the overall image and make dark games easier to play in a projection environment. We put the Game Mode to use and were quite pleased with the effect in the darker multiplayer maps in Call of Duty 4, as even players hiding in dark recesses were visible and easy to target.

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travelguy2k4329d ago

and can say that it is in fact pretty amazing, especially for a 120" (12 foot) screen. Although for fps games i would not recommend a screen that big, this is because on a smaller screen 50"-60" you can actually see the whole screen, and therefore see where the enemies are.