Wii bubble: Do video gamers evolve?

GizmoRepublic writes:

What is the Nintendo Wii Bubble and do you believe it exists?

Our story on the Wii-bubble received attention from Nintendo fans and non-fans alike. Outside a few console fanboys the discussion was civil, discounting my own snarky remarks of course. In light of some misunderstandings, the Wii bubble should be explained.

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wiizy4849d ago

only a fanboy or hater would think that way......the wii is staying on top and casual games will help it do that cause wii will get all type of games just like the ds, while the casual games will keep nongamers happy.

Pandaren004849d ago (Edited 4849d ago )

Nothing lasts forever

Pandaren004849d ago


when you vaporize a diamond, it disappears

Leathersoup4849d ago

I'm not sure what statistics this person is drawing on to come up with the Wii Bubble theory. Market Saturation? Lack of novel things to do with the product?
From what I've heard, the Wii is still selling like hotcakes. The only thing that needs to really happen is for Nintendo to start promoting a decent 3rd party library. The Wii isn't bad. I had one for a couple of months, but the lack of titles that truly captured and integrated the innovative control scheme made me drop it soon after.

SovereignSnaKe4849d ago

sure maybe the won't stay on top forever, but love or hate em its nintendo!, they'll always have there die hard fans, i love Nintendo 1st party games, thats the reason i bought a Wii, but i agree, 3rd part devs. need to get off there asses and take it more seriously.

GlossGreen4849d ago

done some revolutionary things in gaming. This console generation is just one of many examples of that. The problem is, and has been, the fact that outside of first party games there really haven't been many good games for previous Nintendo console generations. The N64 and Gamecube just didn't have the support that the NES and SNES had. That is something that Nintendo has (for whatever reason) failed to correct. Now, there are more third party games then ever, but how many of them are good? There seems to be an inordinate amount of pure shovelware being pushed on Wii gamers these days. That is probably the key factor in the Wii bubble theory. The games being released these days cannot support the numbers of consoles sold. Eventually, sales will slow. The die-hard Wii fan will stick with it, but gamers looking for the bigger better deal will look to the 360 and PS3. It's not a question of if, but when.