Gamedaily: Devil May Cry 4 Review

Gamedaily's Robert Workman writes, writing a review for Devil May Cry 4 was trickier than expected. Upon receiving the review copy in the office, we also received specific instructions from Capcom not to "spoil" certain aspects of the game.

As for presentation, it's simply jaw-dropping. The visuals are absolutely spectacular throughout Devil May Cry 4, bursting with exquisite details. Whether you're storming the rooftop of an ice castle, fighting your way through underground caverns or slashing your way through a tropical jungle, they really come alive better than any current-gen Capcom effort we've seen. Occasionally, there is some slight flicker and slowdown, but this never dwindles the quality of the graphics. If anything, a few of the camera quirks get in the way. You'll walk forward out of one room into another, and a shift in perspective all of a sudden makes you wander into the room you just left. It's slightly bothersome, but just a minor obstacle.

Though this isn't really an evolution for the Devil May Cry franchise (the game feels like a minor step up from DMC 3), part four is still the best one to date. It's a magnificent action epic with twenty-plus stages of demon wear-and-tear, one that's worth going through multiple times just to re-experience it with the bad-ass Dante. Hidden secrets and story twists are worth finding as well, lending themselves greatly to the overall adventure. It'll satisfy you immensely – and leave you bugging Capcom for a fifth chapter. That much, we can definitely tell you.

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DFresh4324d ago

PS3 version really was the best overall.
Controls, Graphics, Physics. etc.