Winning Eleven is No More

Today Konami confirmed to IGN that the franchise formerly titled Winning Eleven Soccer in the United States will now be known as Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. This in no way affects the title in Europe where it will stay known as Pro Evolution Soccer.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is scheduled to ship on March 11, 2008.

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phalanges4329d ago

of Konami using the word soccer in the title instead of futball/football ?

duarteq4329d ago

Europeans don't need to "think" cause we all know what the word soccer means...
Who cares if it's called Football or Soccer ? isn't it the same sport ?

Roger out.

resistance1004329d ago

Not alot, its still the best football game out there.

Also Pro Evo Scoccer sounds better than Pro Evo Football.

Still i fail to see why american football is called football as you only use you feet to kick the ball a few times a game. Surly they could have come up with a mroe suitable name. Like Stop-Start ball or something

Mattearl4329d ago

Wasn't this known when PES 2007 came out in the US??

resistance1004329d ago

PES 2007 doesn't exsit, it was known as Pro Evo 6. This years one is the first one to use a year in its title

roybatty4329d ago

I would buy it.
Get the code right Konami, not the name.

Lord_Ash4329d ago

I was looking forward for "Wining Eleven 11", that would've been so cool but I guess Konami don't agree.

wiizy4329d ago

cant wait to try out the wii game with the more realistic controls

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