Moving In on the Wii

A unique motion-based controller from Motus is designed to create a more realistic experience for video game players.

Consumers seem enchanted by the Nintendo Wii's motion-controlled remote, buying more than one million units of Wii hardware last December alone, according to market research firm NPD Group. A Boston-based company, Motus Corporation, hopes to take advantage of the Wii's popularity through a new product: the Motus Darwin , which allows motion-based control on non-Nintendo game systems, including the PC.

Motus is not the first company to compete with the Wii; the Sixaxis controller for the PlayStation 3 also provides motion-based control, for example. But Motus chairman Satayan Mahajan says the Darwin, expected to retail for $79-$99, allows a more realistic game play experience than is currently available.

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PS360WII4925d ago

stop trying to promote your own website of myspace. reported as spam!

ChickeyCantor4925d ago

YAY finally one got reported as spam

and disagree with PS360WII
all you want it is SPAM.

PS360WII4925d ago

Pretty cool looks like motion control is starting to slowly become a must in gaming needs. Interesting no?

Iamback4925d ago

I hope not, because i wont play games if that happens

PS360WII4925d ago

Why it's pretty cool and effective. I really dislike fps as 2 analogs now it's just not the same really. For the other games it adds a whole other greatness ^^

You'd be missing out man!

BloodySinner4925d ago

I'll stick with my 2 analog sticks. I've been using them for years and they haven't failed me.

ItsDubC4925d ago

Ever since Metroid Prime 3, playing first-person games w/ a standard d-pad seems cumbersome and suboptimal in my opinion. D-pads are the best control option for a lot of games, but FPSs, as an example, are not one of them.

ChickeyCantor4925d ago

metroid prime was awesome on its own and prime 3 was just PERFECT

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PS360WII4925d ago

Well sure I suppose I don't really dislike the 2 analogs but I prefer the pointer control. I'm not a huge fps guru anyways, so RPGs all the way ^^

wiizy4925d ago

follow the leader.. nintendo and wii will still be ahead.

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