UT3: MSXbox Preview - 'Xbox 360 version may lack some features'

MSXbox writes: "There is still some uncertainty surrounding the Xbox 360 version, all we know is that it's coming, but may lack some features that the PC and PS3 versions offer. It doesn't seem at all likely that Microsoft will allow users to transfer mod content from the PC to the Xbox 360 platform, which is what can be done with the PS3 version of the game.

I have been keeping an eye on the situation for quite a while now and the basic consensus is that Epic Games will be trying their best to add this user generated content to the Xbox Live Marketplace as free downloads. This seems like it will have to suffice, but I can't help but wonder if it will go beyond just multiplayer maps or other kinds of content?"

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leon764330d ago

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah a!!!!!!

marinelife94330d ago

They better put that requires hard drive sticker on the box as well if you want to play online with mods.

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DarkSniper4330d ago

This is another breathtaking blow towards the image of Microsoft and XBOX 360. Microsoft's tyranny is proving to be detrimental in the relationship between Microsoft and Epic Games. Sony has allowed Epic to give their customers exactly what they look for when it comes to enjoying an online experience.

At this rate, Epic will finally grow tired of Microsoft's slave influenced tactics and will make Gears of War 2 a multiplatform release that will see superior development and sales on PLAYSTATION® 3.


poos34330d ago

1 of the biggest flops of 2007 is coming to the 360 haha will any 1 buy this game that flopped hard on the ps3 ? 8.o reviews by tons of site ,ps3 keep this pile of crap game that does not even come close to looking better than gears of war visually.

Kleptic4330d ago

only a 360 retard put on damage control would refer to a game that is only released in one territory a flop...the PC version is everywhere...but no one buys PC games anymore...and the console version is only out in North America, and has already sold 4x's the PC version...

sales have nothing to do with the fact that this game is unlike anything on the 360...criticize the game anyway though, especailly considering you are getting a severly gimped version of it...oh least you have better stuff shooters coming this year...oh, wait...

DarkSniper4330d ago

XBox 360 gamers still have the priviledge to play the heralded titles such as Hour of Victory and The Outfit. It's no wonder why Microsoft Slaves yearn for this AAA title.


macalatus4330d ago


I really, really love the way MS fanboys like you define what is a "success" or a "flop". So what you're also saying is that a crappy game is considered a "success" as long as a certain amount of numb nuts bought it? Wow, poos3, that truly speaks volumes about your kind.

Hockey114330d ago

lol I wonder where the fake Dark Sniper is on this one.

lawman11084329d ago

I own it on the PS3 and wish I had rented it from gamefly first. As for a HD on the 360? only people who bought the arcade dont have one and they can pick one up on ebay for next to nothing.

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Bill Gates4330d ago

Once again, the BABOONS get $hafted...AAHAHHHAHHHHA

I bet you BABOONS are loving the inclusion of DVD9 right about now huh BABOONS?.....AAAHHAHAHHAHHAH

Drekken4330d ago

What does DV9 have to do with this? Maybe I missed the sentence saying it was more about HDD and MS not allowing user content... But who knows you seem like the smart one here with your educated well thought out response.

Jamaicangmr4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Actually DVD9 does have alot to do with it because it says it will lack features as well as MODs. Think about it there are many MOD's available that if they had the room they could put the avaiable MODs on the disc. Specially concidering the fact that Microsoft doesn't seem like they are gonna allow them to have Downloaded MODs. So yeah DVD9 has alot to do with this.

Marceles4330d ago

Alright thats it, this has been killing me...Ric Flair is supposed to say "Wooooo" not "Whoooo" like an owl

poos34330d ago

like turok right that loos like poo on the ps3 ,like frontlines that got canceled for the ps3 haha go play lair

Dacapn4330d ago


I don't think I'm missing out on any shooters as long COD4 is out. Who cares if 360 gets a bunch of sub par shooters. As long as we got COD4, all your other games just look like shelf space fillers.

GETPWNED4330d ago

lmao. COD4 may be better, but now Halo 3 is a "subpar shooter"??? LMFAO. stupid fanboy. you want SUBPAR, go play Resistance or Krapzone.

macalatus4330d ago


LOL!! Your last account "GOTpwned" so you just started a second account. Silly, sad fanboy...

GETPWNED4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )


And I like your Av. I'm a huge God of War fan. No fanboy here. I'm getting a PS3 this year. GETPWNED!!!!!!!!!!!

lawman11084329d ago

It took you 2 weeks, what a douche bag

Dacapn4329d ago


COD4 set the bar. The bar is par. Halo3 is sub par.

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