PS3 Devil will make you cry with 20 min install time

Devil May Cry 4 is coming to 360 and PS3 this Friday. That's good news mainly for the reason that it's an awesome game. But there's a little issue of a massive installation process that forces all PS3 gamers to wait just under 22 mins before they can tuck in to Dante's finest.

You'd think there'd be a benefit after being forced to install nearly 5GB of game data, like shorter or even no loading times during the entire game. Funny thing is though, it doesn't make much difference to load times compared to the 360 version, that you can play straight away.

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mighty_douche4681d ago

Well earlier a review stated that the install made load time on the PS3 around 3 time faster than the 360. so which is it?

And before people get their knickers in a twist here, its 22 minutes, not a big deal.

decapitator4681d ago

Does this poll contain any new information that gamers did not already know ? This has been posted countless time.

HowarthsNJ4681d ago

I'm wondering if having the 60 GB US launch PS3 makes a difference?

5 to 10 minute installs tops for me including Oblivion.

romaink4681d ago

22 mins is not a big deal?!

marinelife94681d ago

If you want to cut your install times down you can always drop in a 7200rpm drive.

The article's tone is biased off the bat. IGN reviewed the game and said that load times were up to 3x's faster on the PS3. I'll take 22 minutes and go piss, make a sandwich, and grab a drink before I sit down to play. For having 3x's shorter in game load times but hey that's just me thinking logical.

Lifendz4681d ago

about the loading difference one way or the other. It's just very...courious...that after loading it onto the hdd there'd be no difference in load times.

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radzy4681d ago


Method4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

If that was supposed to be an attempt at being funny, you failed miserably. Must be sad knowing that the only person laughing at your own jokes is yourself.

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Violater4681d ago

Faster Load times, better textures and no screen tearing?
Sign me up.

IntelligentAj4681d ago

Why would this make me cry?

InMyOpinion4681d ago

That would make it 6 second load times on the 360 versus 2 second on the PS3. It's awesome in both versions so it doesn't really matter.

SlappyMcTaint4680d ago

Why isn't the "Loading times 3x faster on PS3" the story? Somebody always skews these things against the PS3, when it's a 20min install that will greatly improve overall playability.

Utalkin2me4680d ago

I believe that installing on the ps3 will make the load times equal on the 360 and ps3. From the little bit of info i get from a few sites. But we will have to just wait and see.

xbox360migs4680d ago

I would like to know why you have to wait 22 mins to install the game in the first place? that's unheard of on a console

Willio4680d ago

have you heard of a PC game?

xbox360migs4680d ago

Yes, but I am talking about consoles as stated in my previous comment, not PC's.

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Joey Gladstone4681d ago

.......enough said..
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

phony force slayer4681d ago

it takes 5 seconds to load. think of how many 5 second loading time there is in 22 minutes.
=12 in 1min
=12 x 22
so i will have to load the game up 246 times to equal the 5 gig wasted memory. i bet i can complete the game 15 times before iv used the 22 minutes loading time
enough said

masterg4680d ago

@XBL FIR3 H4WK 117

Please learn some math before posting that nonsense.

Panthers4680d ago

Well when you are loading in the middle of the game it can take away from the experience. Getting most of it out of the way at the beginning (well at least most of it) is a better option in my opinion.

antoinetm4680d ago (Edited 4680d ago )

+bbles @ 2.2

=12 in 1min
=12 x 22
=246 <-- DUH!!


mintaro4680d ago (Edited 4680d ago )

i know 3x faster load times is a big deal to you guys, but honstly what is 6 seconds to 2 seconds

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Rikitatsu4681d ago

Seriously i rather wait 22 min , than waiting 6 Seconds on the 360 each time i enter a room :)

mikeslemonade4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

Yea it's a pretty even trade off. For twenty minutes you can be reading the manual or something and the 20 minutes shows the DMC1-DMC3 story.

INehalemEXI4681d ago

Yah , plenty of things to do while installing games, been doing it on pc forever not a big deal. Faster loads ftw!

Ju4680d ago

I hate nothing more then load times. I am wondering why they don't stream the whole game. That should remove the install time (or at least initial cache) and even get rid of the remaining 2 sec. If the game re-loads that often like the demo does, it is a significant improvement, though.

Daishi4680d ago

The 20 minute load time is to get past the PS3's 2x drive. They had to have BR in the PS3 but a 4x or more drive would have put the costs of the PS3 above $1000, which in turn forced them to put a HDD in all skus(which would have been a good move regardless). Hopefully they will come out with a new sku with a faster drive or a mod for current models. I'm pretty sure this isn't going to make anyone sell there PS3 and run out to buy a 360 or vice versa.

m91058264680d ago

2x Blu-ray is just as fast, and in some cases faster than a 12x DVD drive reading a dual-layer DVD. Sorry.

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vgn244681d ago

We're reporting as flamebait now? Why? Aren't they a reliable news source? Shouldn't that make it news worthy regardless?

decapitator4681d ago

No one is reporting "them" as a publication, I and the other people reporting this article are doing so because so because it is just a flame-bait piece written so get hits on their site and start another pointless battle among fanboys.

And here is the link from CAPCOM, saying the game is identical in everyway.

SlappyMcTaint4680d ago

It's just the overall anti-PS3 skew that ruins this article. Why isn't the story "PS3 loads 3x faster than 360" ? It isn't, because everybody would rather keep bashing the PS3 and poking at everything that could be seen as bad, instead of seeing the overall gaming experience and realizing how 3x faster loads is way, way better for it.

Ju4680d ago

Oh man, why do you guys take that so serious. It reads more like a sarcastic joke then anything else. They're making fun of it. So what. I don't have a 360, so if I am deciding to keep it, well it will be the PS3 version anyhow. So what. It installs it before you can play. Are you all hyper and can't have any patience no more?

toughNAME4681d ago

I don't understand why they didn't just give a choice for the PS3 instead of forcing gamers to install the damn thing first

paul_war4681d ago

I agree, on Bladestorm & Pro Evo the install process is optional.