PS3 Percentage Challenge

The latest issue of Famitsu has numbers for just about every PS3 game that was shown at the show.

Here's how PS3 games are shaping up, in order of completion.

Fatal Inertia: 90%
Gundam Target in Sight: 80%
Ridge Racer 7: 80%
Resistance: 80%
Armored Core 4: 80%
Sonic the Hedgehog: 80%
Sega Golf Club, Sega: 70%
Virtua Fighter 5: 70%
Enchant Arm: 70%
Need for Speed Carbon: 70%
Genji: 70%
The Eye of Judgment: 70%
Heavenly Sword: 65%
Mahjong Fight Club: 60%
Gran Turismo HD: 60%
Formula One Championship: 60%
MotorStorm, SCE: 60%
Bladestorm: 60%
Lair: 50%
Virtua Tennis 3: 50%
Coded Arms Assault: 40%
Afrika: 30%
Hot Shots Golf 5: 30%
Railfan: 30%
Wangan Midnight: 30%
Monster Kingdom Unknown Realms: 30%
White Knight Story: 10%

UrbanJabroni6472d ago

How can Mahjong Fight Club be at only 60%?


kmis876471d ago

I guess White Knight Story is farther away than I had hoped.


Dragon Quest IX Tops Famitsu's Most Wanted.

Dragon Quest IX Tops Famitsu Most Wanted, followed with 4 ps3 games. Final Fantasy XIII,Biohard 5(Resident Evil), Metal Gear Solid 4 and Monster Hunter.

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uHuRu6258d ago

Metal Gear Solvent? lol.

PS3 has the best games. its just a shame, the games are not yet out.

tehcellownu6258d ago

Once all these games comes out i expect the rise of sales of ps3 to be very high..japan wants the ps3 version.what did you expect ps3 is sell better then 360 over there.the ps3 only have lost odssey and thats it lol

Odiah6258d ago

Expect DS sales to sky rocket once DQ comes out. As if it isn't popular enough already.

decapitator6258d ago

is the only that am interested in that lizt.

CrazzyMan6258d ago

PS3 for sure will dominate, when all these most wanted games will be released. :)

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Unknown Realms Latest Screenshots

Absolutely stunning new screenshots from 'Unknown Realm' formerly known as Monster Kingdom. The art style in this PS3 exclusive title is simply a killer.

xrobbanx6492d ago

Stunning art style but polygonal it looks like ps2

Monster kingdom renamed in Japan

Game Republic's second announced PS3 title (the first was Genji 2) Monster kingdom has been renamed in japan. According to Japanese Magazine Famistu... Very litte is known about this second title from game republic, as it was shown in trailer form at E32006.