10 Great Games Series That Changed Developer For The Better

Johnny Minkley:

Who says only the original team knows how to handle its own creation? Not this lot.

Talk about a tough act to follow. Having created not simply one of the world's most popular shooters, but the defining game series of the Xbox era, Bungie bowed out from Halo after 2010's Reach, leaving 343 Industries to take on the Chief in this autumn's Halo 4.

If 343 is bricking it about living up to expectations, it's hardly alone. Brit studio Ninja Theory has already felt the wrath of screaming fanboys before any of them has even played its reboot of Devil May Cry, due early next year.

Meanwhile, after turning in the mediocre Resistance: Burning Skies on Vita already this year, what hope for Nihilistic Software to match Treyarch as it turns its hand to Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified later in 2012?

Gaming history is littered with the failures of famous franchises that switch developer. But some, against the odds, not only turn out to be good, but actually better than the beloved originals.

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TheMasterShake2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

1) retro studios version of DKC doesn't even hold a candle to Rare's three DKC games, everything about those games are timeless.

2) skylanders is trash, it could never live up to the potential of what spyro was on the PlayStation.

3) you could never say that Metroid is better off with Retro, that whole fanbase is split. half like the castlvania esqu games & others like the FPS direction. same thing goes for Max Payne that whole fanbase is split also

screw you and this list

3-4-52329d ago

The best part is the soundtracks. DKC 1 & 2 have some of the best music ever created by man.

It's so calm and soothing and adventurous at the same time. I've never even played the games but I love the soundtracks. I'm missing out though.

Snookies122329d ago

Ahhh dude! You should totally go back and play them then! Still loads of fun even to this day. Also side note, love the SAO avatar.

Carl_Shocker2329d ago

Have to disagree with some of these

Max Payne 3 was a good game but it wasn't as good as the last two games. Rockstar didn't include much which made a Max Payne game...Max Payne. There was no noire, a typical story, no Mona, no graphic cutscenes and the setting was off putting. Sorry but Rockstar just didn't live up to the past Max Payne games. People need to take off those "Everything Rockstar makes is golden" glasses and look at the game as a sequel to Max Payne...yes it's a good game but does it live up to past Max Payne games Remedy made....nope, not even close.

Skylands....what the hell, it's a stupid game which cons money out of parents where there kid will want more toys which cost at least £6 each...and what for, to unlock a bonus level on the disc. It's worse then Capcom and their disc locked content. To be honest it's not even a Spyro game, it just has the name slapped on there to sell more units.

LOGICWINS2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

"Max Payne 3 was a good game but it wasn't as good as the last two games"

Disagree completely. Max Payne 3 bought the franchise to a level that Remedy never would have. The new game mechanics(Last Man Standing/ability to melee) made the game more fun, the controls were tighter, it had WAAAAY more action than the previous to entries, more variety(different locations in NJ, Brazil, Panama AND different enemy types that ACTUALLY reacted you in a unique way), MUCH better visuals, MUCH more human voice work(especially Max), better animations, deeper story than previous entries etc.

Max Payne 3 is the best story based shooter this generation, my opinion. It changed for the better.

Carl_Shocker2329d ago

"The new game mechanics(Last Man Standing/ability to melee) made the game more fun, the controls were tighter"

"MUCH better visuals"

"better animations"

Well of course it's going to have all that, Max Payne 2 was a last gen game, I'm pretty sure if Remedy made a Max Payne game this gen they would of had all those improvments. I mean of course it's going to have better animations,'s a next gen game.

"more variety(different locations in NJ, Brazil, Panama "

Which totaly didn't fit Max Payne in any way, those flashback levels to New York were the best thing about the game.

"it had WAAAAY more action "

Max Payne wasn't about action, it was about a gripping Noire story with deep characters and gameplay. It wasn't a game with huge explosions and big guns like MP3 turned into, MP3 was basicaly Die Hard the Video Game. If you felt Max Payne needed more action then I don't think you would of enjoyed the first two. Max Payne was a hero, but he wasn't an action hero, he was just a regualr cop, with nothing left to loose who managed to survive all odds by luck

"deeper story than previous entries"

No it didn' was a typical conspiracy story with an easy to guess plot. You knew what was coming and you basicaly could figure out what was going to happen at the end half way through the game.

It was a good game but it just wasn't Max Payne, it's like Rockstar were making a new IP, found out they got the Max Payne rights or were going to make a sequel to it themselfs and then decided to turn the new IP into Max Payne.

LOGICWINS2329d ago

Well I guess were going to agree to disagree. After playing every Max Payne game at least half a dozen times, MP3 is still the best out of the three for me...and nothing anyone says will change that.

I guess I'm simply more open minded than other MP fans and I'm willing to accept change when that change is done right.

I'll accept that you believe that MP3 isn't the best "Max Payne" game(you can make an argument for this), but as a VIDEOGAME in general, its CLEARLY superior to the previous two entries.

If Max Payne is the "Die Hard' of videogames, then Max Payne 3 is the "Live Free or Die Hard" of videogames. More action, better special effects etc.

Carl_Shocker2329d ago

Oh where open minded, we just don't accept change where it dosen't live up to what the franchise is this case Max Payne 3 being an all out generic third person action game instead of being a gritty, dark, love-noire story based game with cool graphic cutscenes and a tense atmosphere.

As I've said if Remedy did it then it would also be's next gen of course it would be superior.

HonestDragon2328d ago

I agree with your disagree. I found that Max Payne 3 was very hard to play through. I didn't like the story at all. I found it to be very out of place and forced. This is considering that Max Payne 2 had a great conclusion for all of the characters we saw.

Max Payne 3's story? More like Max Payne 3: Special Victims Unit directed by Michael Bay. Sure the first couple of Max Payne's had action and explosions, but at least they were contained rather than the action fest of MP3.

The gameplay can be equally as atrocious. I don't know how your experience was, but for me it was horrible. And I'm good at third person shooters and beat Max Payne 2 on the hardest difficulty to get the alternate ending. I didn't like the limit on weapons, the cutscene to gameplay transitions were unwelcome (you don't even start the gameplay with the two handed weapon if you want it), painkillers were a pain to try to find (especially if Max keeps narrating to himself about how he's wasting time), the Bronco family are a bunch of helpless idiots, and for some reason they put Max back into the frame of mind of the first and second games.

Fans of the series might be split on Max Payne 3, but my personal opinion on it is that it's an overrated shooter that has game mechanic issues that many reviewers neglect to mention and an unwanted addition of a poor story.

Xperia_ion2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Sooooo much fail, cant compute. My head is spinning, I'm foaming from the mouth, someone slap me. I just got a fail seizure from this article.

NeXXXuS2329d ago

I had that feel too bro.

majiebeast2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I disagree with half the list.

Skylanders cant hold a candle to the classics its a cash cow gimmick.
DKC returns is not better then country 1,2 or 3 largely due to using the wiimote which was just annoying.
Metroid prime is not better then super metroid, which is probably the best snes game ever made. Prime is amazing but just not super metroid amazing.
Max payne 3 better then 2 yeah... just no.

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