EA Buying the Next-Generation - their master plan unveiled

This article at Gameplayer examines the current position of industry giant Electronic Arts in the industry, and make some suggestions on the company's long term strategy following a round of interesting purchases.

"It's a sound strategy and very like EA – to own the next-generation, why not buy the engines that are set to power it?"

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gamesblow4330d ago

This will only work for none exclusive developers and or just 3rd party guys. Basically dev's who are to lazy to make their own engines like Eidos, THQ and the like... Dev's like EA themselves. This won't affect Insomniac, Epic, Naughtydog and actually talented developers who don't sacrifice their work for others and a buck.

I hate EA, by the way.

GIJeff4330d ago

becomes as powerful you'll hate them too.

ravinash4330d ago

I've got no problem with how powerful a studio gets as long as they don't swollow up talent and good studios and force them to produce sh!t

MUNKYPOO4330d ago

how about making games from the ground up for both systems. no more crappy ports

GIJeff4330d ago

especially since games are taking many years to make.

DrPirate4330d ago

What a coincedence, one of my friends told me EA was doing this.

But he told me they were making the new engine themselves, not buying it.

I know for sure that this is the new engine that's going to support the next generation of Sports titles (Specifically NHL 09 going into pre-alpha soon.

gamesblow4330d ago

ahhahahahhahaahhahahaahahah I love this guy... he's so endearing, isn't he? What a joke!

SaiyanFury4330d ago

EA themselves do not make games. They publish games. But they do own a great many studios that EA insist on certain things. Those studios focus on EA's main series and don't always improve series' as requested by the public. The only EA game I've bought in the last 10 years was Burnout Paradise which was developed on the PS3 by Critereon. Them and Infinity Ward seem to do the best. But I guess time will tell.