Michael Clarke Duncan, film and voice actor, dead at 54

When many think of Michael Clarke Duncan, they think immediately of the movies he did, such as Green Mile (for which he earned an Academy Award nomination) and Armageddon (in which he was just awesome in). But those of us who game on a regular basis know his voice even more than his face.

If you’ve ever played a God of War game, you’ll recognize his voice. If you’ve ever played Saints Row, his deep bass will sound familiar. In fact, Duncan is credited with voicing a total of 10 video games: God of War Saga, God of War II, God of War III, Saints Row, The Suffering: Ties That Bind, Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals, Star Trek: Klingon Academy, Soldier of Fortune and Panic in the Park.

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TCG_Returns3809d ago

Wow.Guy was a total badass & a great actor.Green mile still makes me tear up..

Gazondaily3809d ago

Oh man. That is sad news. And he died quite young. He was great actor. Rest in Peace.

Lord_Sloth3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Indeed. Always loved seeing him in Armageddon and Daredevil. Gonna miss the big-guy.

Rest in peace, brave prince.

StanSmith3809d ago

R.I.P. Micheal Clarke Duncan.

A fantastic actor, who will be missed greatly!

Literally the only actor who made me cry with his performance in The Green Mile.

MaxXAttaxX3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Oh man... :( R.I.P.

I remember he was Atlas in GOW2.

CommonSense3808d ago

He was great in Slammin Salmon

jony_dols3808d ago

Heard once that he would give $50 to anyone who recognized him on the street & could recite his full name!

Sounded like a genuinely nice guy, and was an underrated actor

mewhy323808d ago

My prayers to his family in this time of sorrow and loss.

Pushagree3808d ago

Died young? He was 54 years old. Weird how death always distorts perception.

Gazondaily3808d ago


54 is young especially when considering the average life expectancy in the US is about 75+.

Nothing is distorted here.

Pushagree3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

If we were having a conversation about his age while he was still alive, no one would be referring to him as "young" at best, he is aged and at worst he is just plain old. Young is a term used for people ranging from ages 0-25.

I get that death sucks and all that, but there is a serious distortion going on here when you say that a 54 year old man "died young." He may have died early, unjusly, tragically, or simply wrongly. Those are adverbs I can accept. Young is not one of them.

Gazondaily3808d ago

"If we were having a conversation about his age while he was still alive, no one would be referring to him as "young" at best, he is aged and at worst he is just plain old"

But we aren't having a conversation about his age while he is alive. He isn't and that is the point you're failing to understand; 54 is quite a young age to die at. Do you honestly think he is "plain old" to die at age 54?

His age is being discussed in the context OF HIS death. My parents are around that age and God forbid, if they died today, I would definitely think that was too young.

Loki863808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Why is that everytime people are mourning someone's death, some idiot has to start up a worthless argument that means nothing. Have some respect or move on, no need some comment of a distorted sense of age.

Pushagree3808d ago

What you're failing to understand is that you are simply using the wrong word to describe his death. There is a big difference between dying young and dying early. A child/teenager dies young, Michael Duncan died early. I'm right, you're wrong. Let's just end it there and quit this argument before i'm further reminded of why english test scores keep getting lower and lower.

Bobby Kotex3808d ago

@Pushagree we do understand your point, and it's stupid.

No Way3808d ago


Also, he didn't die at a young age, but he did died young.
He died young compared to how old some people live (100+).
He died young compared to what Septic said, at 75+ years.
That's a 20 year difference. He died young compared to 75.

I don't think anything here is really 'distorted' as you say.

DW743808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )


There is a time and a place for the kind of argument you are making. And this isn't it. A lot of people loved this man. Thankfully your bubbles are spent. Too many folks, especially on this site, think that because being a dick is free (thanks to no real consequences), we should just all be dicks to each other. Stop being a dick.

CryWolf3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Oh man. I can't believe he died I seen the Green Mile 100th of times and he also in God of wars 2 played as Atlas a total badass actor on screen and a voice actor he will be missed.

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HammadTheBeast3809d ago

He was also Atlas in GoW. Damn, he had a nice voice.

robinburks3809d ago

The first time I played God of War and heard that voice, I was like "YES!"

beerkeg3808d ago

I didn't realise he was in GoW. Just goes to show how many actors may have done voices to games you didn't realise. He had a memorable voice as well, I'm surprised I didn't recognize it.

I'll always remember him from The Green Mile though, one of the only films I've actually cried watching.

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan, I'll watch The Green Mile tonight in your honour. God bless.

Tsar4ever013809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

DAMMIT!! Another good actor lost.

Is it me, or these past few years we've been losing all types of celebs at a astonishing rate. You was FUN in ARMAGEDDON, You was moving & deep in GREEN MILE, You was just Right for SIN CITY.

Rest in peace, brotha blood. We hardly got to see & know you enough........

b163o13809d ago Show
Question_Mark3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

^ I think the point Mike was trying to make was that instead of "was" it should be "is". Just because he died doesn't make him any less of a badass.

PtRoLLFacE3809d ago

R.I.P papa bear! you ll be missed!

Awesome_Gamer3809d ago

Noooooooooooo, i love that guy :(

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Damn i just wached Talladaga Nights : Ricky Bobby last night damn.... R.I.P

Aceman183808d ago

wow no way this is very sad news
RIP Michael

Electroshocked3808d ago

I completely agree, he made me tear up quite a bit in The Green Mile, he was a great actor. I heard about this news this morning, very sad news.

Rest in peace, Michael Clarke Duncan, you will be missed.

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LackTrue4K3809d ago

can believe he pass away!!! was he not in the Expendables 2??? (i have yet to see it)

LackTrue4K3809d ago ShowReplies(2)
Christopher3809d ago

That's Terry Crewes in the Expendables movies.

MidnytRain3809d ago

There's a racial statement to be made here. Anyway, HebrewHammer, this just shows that anonymous disagrees is an utterly pointless and confusing system.

BoNeSaW233809d ago

So you threaten to sodomize people at their funeral for disagrees? Classy bro!

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Relientk773809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Omg that's so sad, I just saw him on TV last night, Talladega Nights was on


joab7773809d ago

He was recently in the show "the finder". He played a humble, nice guy who kicked bad guy a$$. I was waiting for season 2. I wonder if he had filmed any of it. If he did, I hope we get to see it. I knew he had had a heart attack but I was stunned to hear that he died.

DarkZane3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Actually, The Finder was cancelled, there won't be a second season.

Samus HD3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Hej I saw that too on TV..
@Relientk77 from which country are you?!