Condemned 2 - Hands-on and Interview

Gameplayer spent some time with developer Monolith and their upcoming horror game Condemned 2: Bloodshot. This article details the experience - in particular the combat - and includes some quotes from Lead Game Designer Frank Rooke.

"During our playtest we were able to grab enemies by the scruff of the neck with our left hand, and beat the nose off their face with our right fist."

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Dr Pepper4329d ago

Day 1 purchase for me. But I'll wait till it's dark out to actually start playing it.

This game keeps sounding better and better and it seems like the developers are really improving the gameplay to make it the best it can be. Multiplayer is nice, but I'm getting this for the single player and to see the continuation of the story.

BLUR1114328d ago

this game looks amazing. and its awesome that they have updated the combat and the graphics look incredible. it looks real scary and creepy as hell. they need more horror games now ... the second will be 10x better