Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice - Game Revolution Review

By Jesse Costantino

"Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is grounded by its single acrobatic gimmick. The game itself is a well-presented - but ultimately shallow - series of car chases, shooting sequences, and escort missions. The on-foot portions are in need of a fundamental redesign, but the other non-vehicle sections do a reasonably good job of mixing up the action. Pursuit Force isn't the most promising title around, but when it comes to simple, straightforward thrills and action, it works. The lack of substance makes it the ideal game to be played in short sessions amidst any number of distractions. In fact, it'd be the perfect game to play while stuck in commuter traffic. What better place to fantasize about automotive agility?"

Revolution Report Card: B-

+ Frogger on wheels
+ Lots of additional content
+ Good gameplay variety

+/- Mindless fun
+/- Stereotypical criminals, though forgivable

- Awful on-foot sections
- Please, no more quick-time events!

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