Devil May Cry 4 on PC

EB Games has Devil May Cry 4 for the PC set to release 4/1/08.

EDIT: I'm sure this isn't set in stone but I never heard that DMC4 was coming for PC at all. That is the news I am trying to report.

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iyoten014323d ago

Capcom announced this when they announced DMC 4 would not be PS3 exclusive. This was a long time ago.

actas1234323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Yah thats right.

acertainkid1024323d ago

I hope that most of this is true. Last time I saw that thing it said that killzone 2 and little big planet are both coming out on my birthday(september 1st) that would be a birthday bang

jpod4323d ago

EU release is on the 8th of this month.

ohhthegore4323d ago

Is the price of the PC version really only 40 bucks in the US. Thats the price they have at the gamestop website

jpod4322d ago

PC games has always been cheaper than 360/PS3 games. So if it says $40, it probably will be $40.

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