Xbox Evolved Rumor Knock-out!

Xbox Evolved follows up on some rumors about a certain Rareware FPS, gets info about the fate of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player, price drops for the Xbox 360, and more.

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Covenant4324d ago

Right now, I'm torn: Do I go ahead and buy a Blu-Ray player when my tax return comes, or do I wait and hope MS puts out a 360 peripheral that will likely be less expensive?

And their reasoning behind the Elite shortages makes sense: What if it's due to a new Elite with some great new features like built-in Wifi and a massive hard-drive?

socomnick4324d ago

your better off waiting man prices might be lower by then too.

DemiseAngel4324d ago

If there is a drop on a new Xbox, I would get it. If it had built-in Wifi that would be perfect. An Xbox 360 would be a great addition to my PS3, I really want to play Mass Effect...In these cases everyone wins =o)

Silver3604324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Time to wait. Good things are coming. Lower prices and more features are the best. Larger HHD, WiFi , Arcade with HDD those are worth waiting for.
Man this exciting MS allowing Blu-Ray to work with Vista also. And getting some of sony's back catalog for the market place. WOW!!!!

Engineer4324d ago

I'm not so sure about an Xbox blu-ray add-on. It's no secret Sony has tried Trojan Horsing the blu-ray into homes with it's PS3 (which I love :D) but now that it has all but won the HD war I believe they would try and keep that feature exclusive to Playstations in order to booster sales.

It just doesn't really make sense to market to their biggest competitor and remove one of their console's major (and exclusive)selling features.

hades074324d ago

Totally agree with the fact that from a company standpoint it would smart on sony's behalf if they limited bluray only to the PS3, but Microsoft has an ace up their sleeve with Windows. Bluray add on released for the 360 and Sony gets Bluray Windows support, meaning even more money for Sony.

Talvish4324d ago

MS has negotiating room. The biggest issue MS had with Blu-ray was Java and not having managed copy. I think the later was resolved, and if they can get HD-i out there (which is generally less problemmatic than Java), it changes things up for MS. Also, Blu-ray is in a bit of flux with the differnet profiles, so the possibility of introductiong something like HD-i isn't as big an issue. The only 2.0 capable profile system is the PS3, and that is easy as hell to update to include HD-i.

Then, with putting native support in Windows and having a drive in/attached to the 360, plus download movies on marketplace and you a pssible a win-win for everyone (money flowing back and forth nicely). I would guess part of the negotiating would include how royalties are handled.

I just want format war to be 100% over. Honestly, the best of all worlds would have been feature spec of HD DVD and physical media spec of Blu-ray ... just maybe, that is in essence going to happen.

SovereignSnaKe4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

sell my elite on ebay, and get the "NEW" SKU, i suppose Micro$oft is going to combat the new PS3 SKU with this???? wait! i can't sell! DMC4 is coming out this week! boooooooosh!

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The story is too old to be commented.