First day DMC4 Japanese sales see PS3 eclipse 360

The Playstion 3 version of Devil May Cry 4 outsells the 360 version 5-1

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o0o ROZZA o0o5981d ago

Its obvious that this game was going to sell more copies on PS3 in Japan considering the ratio of PS3's to 360's is huge.

Im actually surprised that the 360 version is doing as well as 5 - 1 to be honest what with there probably being at least 50 PS3's to every 360 thats out over there if not many more.

We will see how the game sells in the rest of the world. I bet the ratios will be quite different!

What do you think?

SoulReaper5981d ago

I expected DMC4 the PS3 version to sell better world wide..I got the DMC collection series on the Playstation Brand its obvious I am getting 4th installment of the game to add to it...

hazeblaze5981d ago

Yea, I prefer the PS3 and all... but this is hardly news worthy. The article acts as if the results could have been any different!

jackdoe5981d ago

Actually, I believe the ratio is 10 PS3s to 1 360 over in Japan.

mikeslemonade5981d ago

This is old news for anyone who did the math.

Ju5981d ago

No surprise in Japan. I would guess PS3 version will outsell the 360 in Europe and will be close to it in the US.

JsonHenry5981d ago

In other news - the sky is blue.

Vash_The_Stampede5981d ago (Edited 5981d ago )

Actually its kinda grey right now for the 360. I see a lot of rain in your future. PS3 FTW

Back on topic: I have this game pre ordered as well, can't what to play it.

BobDog5981d ago

actually ps3 only recently ovetook 360 in europe, couple monhts ago, so if same amount of percentage buy the game the difference wouldnt be too great in ps3 favour

fusionboxer5981d ago

That DMC4 will sell better on the ps3 in the European regions as well as the Asian territories, but sell slightly less or equal to the 360 version in the US.

The reason for this is because the ps3 already has a nice share of single player quality action titles, while I'd say the 360 does not.

Now don't get me wrong. I loved dead rising, lost planet, kameo, Assassins Creed, and some of the others, but none of them have really been in the same vein (genre wise) as games like god of war, ninja gaiden, heavenly sword, or devil may cry if you kinda get what i'm saying.

DMC4 on the other hand will most likely be one of the 360's best traditional action titles at this point and I feel US 360 owners will most likely scoop up more copies then ps3 owners because of this.

Kausdt5981d ago

There are about 500-600k Xbox 360s in Japan, so there are somewhat 25-30 million PS3s also. My god, I hadn´t realized PS3 is so big in Japan...

BobDog5981d ago

is that a joke lol,
not even 15mil ps3s sold world wide

cmrbe5980d ago (Edited 5980d ago )

wrong post

cmrbe5980d ago

Kausdt was being sarcastic as there should be 30 milion PS3 in Japan if the PS3 version of DMC should outsell the x360 version by 50:1 as some of you expected. According to VG the PS3 is at 1.9 mill and x360 is .6 mill. This is a ratio of about 4:1 at most so PS3 DMC version outselling the x360 version by 5:1 is actually better than expected.

BobDog5980d ago (Edited 5980d ago )

thank you for clarification

i never expected 1 to sell better then the other in percentage, maybey abit more sway to ps3 because it use to be sont exclusive

lol now that i get it its actually quite funny

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green5981d ago

not bad for both consoles considering their respective userbase.Was expecting 20,000 for 360 and 100,000 for PS3, but i was wrong.

is it out in the states?

INehalemEXI5981d ago

It comes out on 2/5 in the states. I pre order :D

Charlie26885981d ago (Edited 5981d ago )

I pre ordered too :D

I wish there would have been a pre order gift like in some other games :(

its available the 2/5 but depending of the seller it might be an extra day before its available like with other games

Rice5981d ago

wow, pretty deeep.... anyways 3-7... Patriots.

The_Engineer5981d ago

anyway Brady is getting cracked like a coke vile by the monstrous Giants defense.

RecSpec5981d ago

Whoever gets the first big lucky break will win this one. No one will budge.

Rice5981d ago

its cause there blitzing brady, he has to force the pass which the giants want to do.

BLUR1115981d ago

if i had a ps3 i would most deffently get this for it insted of the 360.

meepmoopmeep5981d ago

obviously expected given the userbase for each platform...

can't wait to get my copy.. 2 more days!!!