GameTap: Space Chimps Preview

Dana Jongewaard of GameTap writes: Brash Entertainment, a new company that is looking to work with a variety of movie studios to make companion games for upcoming films and popular movie franchises. While fans of horror movies were probably thrilled to learn that soon they'd be able to virtually act out their own gory sequences in the upcoming Saw game, don't think that Brash is neglecting younger gamers. This summer, the company will be releasing the companion game to the animated family film Space Chimps.

The game follows the main story of the movie, although to flesh things out, it has additional levels and enemies not featured in the film; developers Brash Entertainment and Red Tribe worked directly with Vanguard Animation, the team in charge of the movies, to remain consistent with the movie world. The platformer takes place over 13 levels, where you'll alternate playing as Ham and Luna (one of the other chimps along on the journey). While Ham makes his way through levels using hand-to-hand combat, the levels featuring Luna will be focused more on puzzle solving; she'll also get an alien companion who will sit on her shoulder and can then be used to shoot at targets. While Ham won't be using any weapons, he can use stealth to help him make his way through levels.

There will also be two-player co-op play available for the game, which would allow parents and kids to play the game together. When kids like a movie, it's hard for them to get enough of it; Space Chimps the game looks like another option for parents who don't want to sit in a theater full of screaming children multiple times in a row.

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