GTA IV: A new Screenshot

Here is a new screenshot of GTA IV.

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Joey Gladstone4324d ago

is anyone else actually impressed with the real time bullet damage on the car in the first Picture?? I have high hopes for this game and Prototype......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

kingOVsticks4324d ago

yeah that looks really cool the second pic also has alot of detail GTA 4 may not be a graphically crappy as I have thought

heyheyhey4324d ago

yeah thats some nice damage modeling, i hope GTA hasn't become too realistic and lost it's comical charm

OpiZA4324d ago

I don't think that would ever happen. I reckon it's got just as much charm as the previous titles

meepmoopmeep4324d ago

real time bullet damage on objects? sweet!

killerbar7184324d ago

everytime a new picture comes out the game looks better or i just need glasses lol

HeavyweightInTheGame4324d ago

I just hope that the game actually looks that good in-game and they're not just cinematics.

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The story is too old to be commented.