PSU: StarCraft 2's potential addiction on PS3

PSU's Justin Pinter writes:

"Before I begin, I would like to note that I was inspired to write this article after reading a thread on popular gaming forum, Neogaf. The original StarCraft being one of my favorite games of all-time, I can only wish and hope that Blizzard Entertainment would consider a port of the sequel to the PS3. This feature will explain why the PlayStation 3 is a perfect match for StarCraft 2 and what rumors lead me to believe that Blizzard is already developing for consoles."

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Joey Gladstone4330d ago

Great Game ..."We require additional Vespian Gas."....
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

mariusmal4330d ago

ahahah. i always loved that one.

JsonHenry4330d ago

If StarCraft 2 DOES come out with full keyboard and mouse support on the PS3 - I will LITERALLY hack my X360 up with an axe on camera and post it on youtube.

My one and only gripe about the 360 I have (EPIC FAIL) is no keyboard and mouse support. Not even if the developers of the game want to support it, MS says they can't.

If a game as huge as StarCraft 2 hits the PS3 with KB+M support and the X360 is stuck with the damn gamepad I will never purchase another MS game/system/hardware ever. ( I would say OS but what choice do I really have? )

Panthers4330d ago

This would be awesome if Starcraft 2 came out on PS3. I would get the logitec keyboard for PS3 and this would probably be all I play. Here is to hoping...

Bnet3434330d ago

What's the point of giving a console a keyboard and mouse? Just game ona computer if you want it that bad.

Panthers4330d ago

Computers are a lot more complex and expensive to keep up to date. Consoles you just put the game in and it should work, no matter what.

I am a lot more computer savvy now, but back in the day I could not stand getting PC games for fear they would not run well on my PC.

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heyheyhey4330d ago

this would of course be megaton- frantic online battles over the PSN and all that jazz, and it would complete the PS3 08 line-up since the only thing it's lacking is a good RTS game (well endwar might be ok, but this would be so much better)

BlackIceJoe4330d ago

Well if StarCraft 2 could come out on the PS3 that would be really big news. But if Starcraft does come out on the PS3 there would be some people that love the idea and other's that do not. I would fall under the part that loves the idea. Just as long as Blizzard keeps the thing that keeps Starcraft a Starcraft game when bringing it out on the PS3.

Iamback4330d ago

PS3 supports keyboard so maybe that is why it is coming to console(pS3) I am sure Blizzard wont sacrifice anything on StarC 2 just because of PS3, so yeah...i think reason could be keyboard, something that 360 does not support.

Daishi4330d ago

My only point to the contrary of SC2 coming to PS3 would be the fact that we have yet to see a single RTS on the PS3. It takes much more than raw power to get it to work, it takes architecture. I'm in no way saying it isn't possible, just that all the RTS's so far have been on 360. They also work very well on the controller as well. I guess we'll have to see how well End War turns out on PS3, and if Ubisoft can do it Blizzard can do it.

TheHater4330d ago

If StarCraft 2 comes to the ps3, then the PS3 will sell like hot cakes Korea.

PirateThom4330d ago

The Keyboard/mouse support makes it a complete missed opportunity if they don't.

heyheyhey4330d ago

yeah mate games just cant be PC exclusive anymore, they need at least 1 console port or they will sell as much as fresh poo

just look at crysis, its begging for a console release

ulath6664330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Yeah right... in the us the sales can be meh, but not world wide. I mean SC has sold 4.5-5 million copies in korea alone. And no, koreans wont buy PS3:s to play SC2, i cant see many of the sc/wc3 players moving to a console while theres a PC version out (that will be released months before any potential port).
And its goddamn akward to sit in a good position with a mouse and keyboard in a sofa.
RTS + competative FPS should always be played on pc.

Chubear4330d ago

I would oridinarily agree with you on that but this isn't Crysis. This is StarCraft; it's a massive money maker already and the questions is, would the developers like to make even more $$ by bring the experience to a wider audience via consoles?

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