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DaThreats3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

im like the people in the video
The video was changed lol

NastyLeftHook03213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

looks good.

@aphha, looks solid! yeah! ;)

-Alpha3213d ago

Would you say it looks pretty solid?

meetajhu3213d ago

POWER of the PC hardware anything is possible! Kojima and team rocks can't w8 for Steam release!

MAJ0R3213d ago

Disagrees already... it's so obvious this gameplay trailer was done on a PC. The way the transitions from the amazing quality of the cutscenes to the gameplay was crazy. The animations are fluent too, lighting is amazing... Fox Engine is the new Cryengine 2 before Crysis 2 was consolized.

No way this quality will be achieved on consoles. I'm really glad Kojima embraced the power of the PC, and didn't hinder himself with only going PS3 or just consoles.

CryWolf3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

That was Awesome snake is back, I mean big boss. this look like Splinter Cell graphics back in the in day how that game looked better on the PC, MGS Ground Zeroes should be a Next-Gen launch title for the PS4 show whats the next level for Sony Playstation 4.

kane_13713212d ago

@meetajhu @MAJ0R the reason you guys receive disagrees is because of your blatant blindness and Pc Elitism aka pc fanboyism.
Kojima Already stated the game runs on ps3's GFX settings, and went on to clarify this (PS3 gfx settings) will be pretty much the final results of the GFX, meaning the GFX won't change drastically.
It only makes sense since PS3 is the head development system on this ip.

MAJ0R3212d ago

There is no PC elitism here, I was simply stating facts. The PS3 will not look nearly as good as the PC version. This gameplay trailer had to be on PC.

PC elitism =/= stating facts that the PC version will be superior to the console version. Just because it's not what a lot of console fanboys like to hear, it's the truth. They write it off by calling it elitism. That doesn't make it untrue.

Notice how anyone who says something like "yes! I love the PC" or "POWER of the PC hardware anything is possible! Kojima and team rocks can't w8 for Steam release!" like meetajhu said (definitely not elitism, just stating a fact of how great the PC is) they get disagrees. That's N4G for you.

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Mac is OK3213d ago

The site changed the video and the post was automatically updated. Here's the original video DaThreats is referring to:

Freak of Nature3213d ago

Thanks Mac is OK.... Really impressive,I cannot wait to play this, you know what to expect before seeing this game knowing who is behind it, but even with this I am still even more impressed, this was better than I could have hoped.

Now I really want to see that full 25 minutes of in game footage... Waiting for games are a bit tough when they show such promise early on...

chaldo3213d ago

Looks awesome.. it would be great for PC gfx too!

Just wondering.. Is this really the next MGS like MGS 5?

oNIXo3213d ago

Nope, Kojima said its not MGS but its a prequel.

taquito3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )


it is running on pc, it would look nothing like that o ps3 except maybe in cutscenes, it will hopefully be pc/ps4/ps4 title so more poeple have a chance to play it with those gfx, but ps3, forgetaboutit!

quote from earlier article;

" Attendees were shown a 20 minute Ground Zeroes gameplay demo running on a high-spec PC"

ps3 version will still be boss, but games don't look ANYTHING like that on ps3, god of war 3/uncharted 2 are the peak

matgrowcott3212d ago


I've seen multiple sources saying the PC was basically at PS3 specs and that Kojima is confident this is how the game will run on PS3.

krisq3212d ago

I still remember how mind blowing the intro of MGS2 on PS2 looked.

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Kin23g3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Kojima did it again!

swift3213d ago

is it me or is FOX the wrong way round in the mirror?????

swift3213d ago noticed its XOF for some reason!!

Syntax-Error3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I have been hard on this guy since he hasn't really done much this generation and now I see what he was putting together. KUDOS KOJIMA-SAN.
This looks impressive. Just not sure why the guy with the burnt face stayed in the rain the whole video and decided to wear a hat once getting on the helicopter. Kinda backwards. Everyone got their wish in this game. WE FINALLY PLAY AS BIG BOSS! I prefer this older character compared to the old Snake in MGS4. Looks more gruff and battle-hardened.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

He said it was ps3 spec but 7800gtx has been discontinued for 4+ years! He must have gotten it off of E bay? Kojima is trying to keep ps3 fans happy. After all he didn't say it will be the same he said ps3 will be close lol. In todays world no one buys a 7800gtx card only because you can't.

Hate to say it but kojima might have told a fib.

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Lord_Sloth3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I don't see the purpose in trying to point out Raiden's not in it to advertise Snake. We know who's in it and some of us are looking forward to both Ground Zeros AND Rising Revengeance.

Prcko3213d ago

holy lord,jesus mary giefffffffffffffffffff

mafiahajeri3213d ago

Finally. Fuuu ign we dont your empty promises!

Kingdom Come3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Edit: IGN have edited their article, it now reads 11 Minutes of Gameplay.

Whilst I enjoyed the video, and found the technology to be fantastic for an open-world MGS Title, I can't help but feel a little underwhelmed, not for the quality of the video, but rather the contents, I wanted more gameplay and less cinematics, whilst the story is of upmost importance within an MGS title, I'd rather see gameplay, as to not spoil plot elements and because I am curious as to how the open-world setting will work within the Metal Gear Solid franchise...

HeavenlySnipes3213d ago

They just announce it and you wanted gameplay? I didn't even expect to see the game for months. Usually when new games are announced we get a CG trailer that has little to no info on the game

SAE3213d ago

have you seen then map in the video ?.. it's a big map so it will have a lots of gameplay

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