Unlocking Achievements

Regardless of what you think of them, Microsoft's Achievement Points aren't going anywhere anytime soon. In the first part of a two-part feature, Game Informer takes a look at the addictive system and calls out some of the trends they like and dislike.

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HeavyweightInTheGame4330d ago

I admit that I like the achievements, but I don't play a crappy or easy game just to get them. I get the points only for the games that I like. I really can't stand "Achievement W*ores" or people who play every game to get them. I don't know a single person that would play Avatar if it didn't have those very easy achievement points.

Hellgiver4330d ago

I agree completely. Now, it is an absolutely brilliant idea because every multiplatform game that has been worth owning, I have gotten on the 360 because of superior chatting ability and the achievements. Same thing has gone for most of my other friends. The first game I am going to get PS3 over 360 is DMC4, just because of specific reasons involving the controller and complaints I have heard over the 360 version.

mccomber4330d ago

But as I'm getting ready to start one of the Old Spice Challenge sets for a Best Buy gift card, I'm worried that my attitude is about to change. A prize on the line can do strange things to a man's game choices...

wageslave4330d ago

" Old Spice Challenge sets for a Best Buy "

Can you give us some more info? I'd happily play a few games for some free-stuff.

BloodySinner4330d ago

You wouldn't play Avatar? I know I would! C'mon, it's just 2 minutes of work and you get your 1000 points! -

gta_cb4330d ago

i didnt even realise that until my mate told me about it the other day, hes such an achievement whore lol.

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SpaceCowgirl4330d ago

I can't believe they are complaining about Earth Defense Force, it takes only a few hours to go through the easier difficulties and the achievements are stacked like that since you can't possibly beat the hard difficulties without actually going through the easy ones first. Unless EDF stands for something else, but seriously they make it sound like they are beating extreme on their first run through of the game.

Mikey_Gee4330d ago

But once you get into it .. they are awesome.

Call them what you will, be it bragging rights, be it seniority points, I don't care ... I love the achievement awards

Prototype4330d ago

Achievements from my experience is an excuse to make a bad game playable. I'm down for achievements if it unlocks some type of content or used to purchase something from an online stores; not for bragging rights.

littletad4330d ago

Bragging rights are cool, as are showing your accomplishments. It gets out of hand literally when achievements are collided with Online play. As for achievement whores, who cares. It's one rental's money waste, just to bump up a number.

i Shank u4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

some achievements unlock gamerpics! woohu ! lol

its true what you said, but also i noticed in alot of games that are good but havent been played in a while; when i go back to one ill lcheck out the achievement list, see what i havent done, and then I have something new to do in a game ive had for a few months, even games over a year old. so it gives good games even more reason to play too

ape0074330d ago

is to have IN GAME REWARDS,the more POINTS you have the more you can unlock

in uncharted,you can do tasks to get points(similar to 360) and get rewarded with the REWARDS LIST,it's really cool

and if you remember in GOLDENEYE007 for the n64,you complete a mission in a certain time in a certain difficulty and get some cheats or extra multiplayer characters.


ry-guy4330d ago

It depends on the developer. But I agree, there needs to be in game benefits for what you achieve in the game.

Mass Effect did this with their achievements. Like getting 100 kills with the Assault Rifle allows you, in future characters, add an assault rifle ability to any class.

i Shank u4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

agreed, mass effect has great achievements almost all of them unlike bonuses for weapons, spells, unlock skills for a character that wouldnt have them, etc. and two of them unlock gamer pics (the Saren pic on my gamercard....sounds insanely dork but whatever i had to beat the game twice to get it). and from what people say uncharted sounds like it does something great as well; hope more games follow these

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