Xbox 360's Four Secret Games: Gears of War 2, DOA5, Forza 3 and Halo: Chronicles

UK's best selling independent 360 magazine XboxWorld 360 has a scoop on what could be four big unannounced exclusive 360 games in their March issue.

Please take note that XboxWorld 360 is part of online gaming news website CVG.

The article is called "The secret is out"

The games in question are:

Gears of War 2
Dead or Alive 5
Forza 3
Halo: Chronicles

Of course these are only rumors but could these be the games Microsoft is going to announce at GDC 2008, XboxWorld 360 Certainly do.

Attached are the shots i have taken with my digital camera from the UK magazine.

predator5924d ago

Hey guys, i just picked this mag up and saw this scoop so i thought it would be N4G worthy, shots have been taken from my own digi camera, its not fake as i have taken a shot of the actual mag too.

What do you guys think. would be great if it came to be true.

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MrWonderful5924d ago

you can get your hopes up all you want, but you and i and everyone else knows that there will never be a metal gear game exclusive to a xbox console unless sony quits making games systems. so thanx for givivg me a laugh this morning

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SCThor5924d ago

If those titles are MS "big guns" for 2008, they are in serious troubles.

cr33ping_death5924d ago

metal gear exclusive to the 360 after MGS 4 LOL. wow. when the MGS series ends with MGS4 there will be no more MGS, without SNAKE there is only splinter cell.

sonarus5924d ago

x gamer. take your comments to the open zone. and doa has never sold a million copies at least not on the xbox anyway. regardless lets see forza take another shot at the ps3 think its too early to be releasing a new 1 but msoft needs games. halo chronicles would definetly suprise especially if it hit this yr. and gears of war 2 is already confirmed at this point.

mikeslemonade5924d ago

It seems like Gears of War 2 is the only one that has a chance of coming out this year. Forza 2 is possible but why come out when the new one is came out last year. Team Ninja is working on NG2 and Halo Chronicles coming so soon after Halo Wars and Halo 3 doesn't make sense.

SoulReaper5924d ago

The only game i see on the list that can reach 1 million really quick is Gears of War 2..I never liked DOA4 it was a big disappointment to me..And I have Halo 3 why would i bother with any other game with that title.

sigh, i was hoping Microsoft give me a reason to still stick to the 360 this year..

mariusmal5924d ago (Edited 5924d ago )

hey how come xgamer can go fanboy vs fanboy on this zone. shouldn't he be on the open zone ? i mean, if guyz dont enforce this then creating two distinct zones is useless

TheXgamerLive5924d ago (Edited 5924d ago )

This isn't any VS type of forum, so please re-read the comments.

What I said is postive for the Xbox 360 and "NOTHING" negative about any other platform. Oh, and saying Bye Bye isn't negative, it's just saying bye:)

Sure there's a better change that any new MG series will stay on the sony platforms, however this is about rumors isn't it.

Some of you started speaking in a VS mode, but not I.

Thank You.

IntelligentAj5924d ago

Didn't everyone already expect these games to come out? If so then how are they top secret? That being said i'm definitely picking up Gears of War 2.

antoinetm5924d ago

Behold the future of gaming :

bresy45923d ago (Edited 5923d ago )

My comment is up top^^^^^

bresy45923d ago

Here guys for whoever believes tht gow2 is goin to be out this year is an idiot, it may not even be out next year. the developer himself in a recent interview stated that they have bearly begun talkin about a seqeul let alone creating one. as for the other games halo, well i bought Halo 3 with a lot of expectations and to be fair i was disappointed, i no most peeps love it but personally it was a let down as the graphics were cartoony and the game ended just like that.
As 4 MGS series comin to xbox whoever wrote that a pure idiot y wud sony let go the only game that can make the ps3 have a hope of surviving. as for the other two i cudn care less, not that big of games, and no developer is goin to release a game that was only released months ago AKA Forza and Halo.

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Iamback5924d ago

Only game i care about is Halo Chronicles, it REALLY interests me a lot to see what is it exactly.
Is there a rumor what genre it might be?

NRG5924d ago

I foresee a bundle of all three Halos. Or even worse, a book. I hope it is neither.

IntelligentAj5924d ago

Well there was already a Halo book(Fall of reach) and it was pretty good. It basically tells you how the Master Chief became the Master Chief.

Multigamer5924d ago

any of these games would be amazing but gears is the daddy.

Jack Bauer5924d ago

They pretty much have to announce those soon... they released most of their big games a few month ago, and exclusivewise they dont have much coming that are official.

ZeroXMD5923d ago

I just don't see Gears 2, Forza 3, or a non-compilation/dlc halo coming this year. It has only been a little over a year since gears came out and they just came out with the pc version so I doubt we'll see gears 2 this year. if so, it would just be more like an expansion of the game then a true sequel. Same with Forza. I know it's just a driving game, but they won't release a sequel so soon after 2. It wouldn't be smart. With halo chronicles, I see, at most, a halo 1-3 compilation with maybe extra missions, or a line of DLC for Halo 3. The fact that it's saying Chronicles could mean a line of DLC about Cheif's and Cortana's way back home. I could see a new DOA but DOA sux anyways. Fighting game wise, it's not that great and it's a button masher. Plus, I lost interest once a DOA head said that Tekken won't ever be as good as it. If he has to directly dogg his better competitor with BS slander then I don't respect him or his game. But it came out with the 360 so I could see it coming with a new one near the end of 08. But it would be to soon for the others. I just don't want to see half-@$$ed sequels that got rushed for money.

Honeal2g5923d ago

i hope u feel the same way about Ressistance as u do towards Gears cause they practically came out the same time (guy above me)also 2 years is perfect time to come out with a sequel imo and i agree about forza i highly doubt they are gonna release another one for a while but as for DOA5 that seems probably and i do believe the game will sell fairly well

ASSASSYN 36o5924d ago

I became a fan of forza series after playing forza 2. It is the primary reason I didn't buy project gotham racing. Forza 3 is going to be a beast. Im sold on the painting and customizing vehicles for sell. It brought back memories of my Steel Battalion: line of contact piloting days.

Bill Gates5924d ago

Sorry BABOON, but Foolza 3 will NOT be a beast. It seems like you BABOONS just don't ever learn. M$ is selling you the same exact game as before only this time with a different package....AHHAHAHAHAHAA