Never judge a game by it’s first 30 hours

TGC writes: We all have those games that we regret buying 15 minutes after they go into the console. We tend to take them out and never play them again. Here are 3 games that I revisited and thoroughly enjoyed, after a change of heart.

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Shadonic3314d ago

tell that to people who judge an entire game after 8 minutes of watched game play for a game that's not even out or done yet.

dangert123314d ago

If It takes me 30 hours to start enjoying a game I'd rather not play it unless someone else is willing to get to the 30 hour mark for me gaming is a hobby i find it fun i don't find fun sitting their for over a day worth in hours doing something that is boring

nextbigname3314d ago

This whole thing you just said here absolutely doesn't make any sense.

Summons753313d ago

The lack of punctuation was killing me but yeah your right it makes no sense at all even after you break it into actual sentences.

Beate3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

"If it takes me 30 hours to start enjoying a game then I would rather not play it. Unless someone is willing to play it for me to get me past the 30 hour mark then I would rather not play it. Gaming is a hobby for me and I find it fun. I don't find it fun sitting there for over a day worth of hours doing something that I deem boring." -Waka Flocka Flame

For all the illiterates out there this is for you.

NeoTribe3312d ago

His grammar may be bad, but is point is true and straight forward. His aggres/dis prove his case. Why u think u have so many disagrees? Did u really not get where he was going?

Irishguy953313d ago

I gave up on FF13 after 20 hours. Some people tell me my opinion of the game is invalid because I haven't played it fully. I tell them to eat some ****

torchic3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

the main story was kinda boring, the last 7-10 hours were good.

however I really really enjoyed the side missions. after you play them the battle system makes much much more sense.

so yea the author of the article is kinda right

however I only needed like 6 minutes on MW3 to tell what a piece of crap that game was

HeavenlySnipes3313d ago

I thought Mass Effect sucked add the first 30 minutes because of the Citadel. Stuck with it and now I can hardly find time to play anything except Mass Effect 2.

Btw who wants a Dust 514 beta code. They everyone in the beta another to invite someone to and I never got around to it

KonaBro3313d ago

In the first 2-4 hours of playing a game, you should be able to discern whether or not this game is enjoyable or a slog. 30 hours? Just like Danger said, if you are up to 30 hours and still are questioning whether the game is fun or not, here's a protip: it's not.

CrimsonessCross3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

30 hours is WAY TOO LONG!

The maximum I would say is maybe 8-12 (2-4 minimum like KonaBro stated) for myself to push myself through a game to judge it if I don't know anything about it. In addition it varies as well if it just has bad gameplay or a bad story...and it depends on what the hell you were doing in those 30 hours! :P

I still try to find out as much as I can about a game if I am interested in it without spoiling a whole lot so it leaves some surprise left to myself.

EDIT: Adding in that sometimes you need to come back to it and see if you can get involved in the game or not with a different mindset.

CrimsonessCross3313d ago

^ about my comment above...I didn't mean 30 hours of TOTAL play time being too long for a game...I was agreeing that if there is a "first 30 hours" of a game shouldn't take you that long to be able to know whether a game is right for you or not :)

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