Linux has better Windows compatibility than Vista

In a bit biased story, this user compares running games with Wine on Linux with the Vista compatibility, with surprising results.
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jacobdevos4330d ago

what's the point in making a claim like this when you know linux it is impossible to be true

Rice4330d ago

I want to install a linux on my ps3, but its so hard...

gamesR4fun4330d ago

its easy m8 just google ubuntu ps3
read the instructions and dl the free os

Rice4330d ago

b4 i was trying to install fedora core 5, but it didnt work, i think i did wrong when burning the stuff on the dvd.... which linux is the one where i can use a flash drive to install on my ps3.

Jen5en4330d ago

Yellow Dog Linux is designed specifically for the Playstation 3. All you need to do is burn the .iso file to a DVD, then pop it in your PS3.

Here's the download link, it's absolutely free:

Gondee4330d ago

Iv never had any compatablty issues. Idk why every one else is baiching.

Even if there were one. i could just set it to run in XP SP2 mode

Rice4330d ago

I dont know what this guy is talking about, i just downloaded soldat, using windows vista premium, and works perfectly.

nickfr4330d ago

it's usually the Microsoft products that don't work on Windows ;-)

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