GAMESCOM 2012 | The Unfinished Swan Presentation (With Ian Dallas)

Giant Sparrow creative director Ian Dallas provides an in-depth look at the upcoming, PlayStation Move compatible PSN title The Unfinished Swan.

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The Unfinished Swan Comes To Steam And Epic

The critically acclaimed, BAFTA Award winning and D.I.C.E. Award nominated title The Unfinished Swan is now available on Steam and Epic Games Store for $14.99 and App Store for $4.99.


10 Inspiring Minimalist Video Games That Prove Beauty Doesn't Mean AAA

Nelia from Twinfinite writes:

"Video games with minimalist art styles don't mean they're boring or uninteresting. These 10 games are examples of minimalist masterpieces."

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SamPao1776d ago

some beautiful games in that list

victorMaje1776d ago

I never played bad north.
I like the idea, I might try it.

WeAreLegion1776d ago

Who said pretty games were all AAA? Absolutely no one. Weird title.

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Donut County's Ben Esposito talks diversity, game development, and elaborate Enya references

"The best characters come from the grain of reality"

Ben Esposito discusses his unconventional experience with diversity and development as an indie-game creator. As well as his latest project, Donut County!

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