CSI: Hard Evidence Earns Its Detective's Shield

Detective work isn't nearly as glamorous as it appears on least that's the presentation given by the latest installment in the CSI series, Hard Evidence. As GI.n indicates, it takes attention to painstaking detail, proper procedure, and a little bit of luck to solve the case and catch the crook.

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gamesblow4324d ago

That game looks like it was shot out of a CATS @$$!!!

eclipsegryph4324d ago

What do you mean? Are you saying that it doesn't look good?

Legion4324d ago

I picked up the game cheap for the 360 and it is an ok game. Graphics are less then spectacular but it does have a CSI feel to it.

If you like CSI then you will like the game. There is no real way of loosing in the game... you basically look for stuff... find it... and then ask for permission to arrest the criminal.

You do second guess who is the criminal in the case at times... but ultimately you just are playing a very linear game in that you have to find the evidence and examine it... and that is about it. Oh, other then the multitude of questions of each suspect. Ok, bargain bin or fan of CSI. Otherwise just steer clear of it.

eclipsegryph4323d ago

Wow, that's a rather gushing review this person gave. I wonder if she's a fan of adventure games. She seemed to be impressed by the mechanics, though in this game it's a bit more detail oriented than your other adventure games.

While I wouldn't go all out for this game, it certainly deserved a buy from me. I rather enjoy the linear feel of this game, as most adventure games have. Sure there's something to be said for making your own story in a non-linear game, but there's something equally enjoyable about trying to create the story that the game developers have made for you, if you're crafty enough to find the clues and put them together.

Personally I can't wait for "And Then There Were None" and the Sam and Max adventure games to come to the Wii so I can play them along with my wife, who has shown interest in adventure gaming. I enjoy those games on my computer, but computer gaming doesn't really encourage other people to watch and play along with you, whereas console gaming does.