TGR: Conflict: Denied Ops Demo Impressions

Cooperative play has certainly been a revelation in the gaming industry, with more and more titles listening to what gamers want and incorporating the teamwork dynamic; and then there are games like Conflict: Denied Ops that are making it the core experience. Now gamers can team up with a friend and play the recently released demo on either a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360, which also just happens to support co op mode.

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gamesblow4334d ago

The only thing denied about this game is me buying it. Utter CAT SQUIRTS! Graphics, gameplay... story. Everything just terrible. It's literally so bad you feel alone in the world while playing it. Like, at that exact moment in time, no one in the world besides you is playing the game. It makes you feel worthless, cheap and dirty.

It's a manic depressants best friend, to be sure.

TruthBTold4333d ago

Like the only people who actually buy it will not go buy it to a store but will order it online since they dont want no one to see them with it. Then at home they will hide it some place where no one will see it. Kinda like those dirty movies you hide away. Its a sad game, once you start playing the demo the only thing you get excited about is turning it off and deleting it. You later feel clean and back to normal.

TheHater4334d ago

Worst demo I ever played. And that saying a lot considering that I played Turok and Area 51.

Chubear4334d ago

Oh good heaven please tell me you're kidding. Damn it! I just DLed the thing and thought I'd be in for a nice one on this. 'UCK!... I'm still going to check out though.

TheHater4334d ago

yeah, it pretty bad. but if you want to play it, feel free.

Kaneda4334d ago

The graphic is like PS2... horrible...

mikeslemonade4334d ago

I enjoyed this demo more than Turok or Timeshift because it has online coop. You can chat and make fun of the game together.

timmyp534333d ago

1.4 -
I enjoyed this demo more than Turok or Timeshift because it has online coop. You can chat and make fun of the game together.

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Vulcan Raven4334d ago

The game is terrible. i downloaded the demo, played through it and would never buy it. Devil may cry 4 though is a maybe.

Kyur4ThePain4334d ago

That's how I would describe it.

Chubear4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

and uhmm, kinda reminds me of a low budget PC shooter. Wow, consoles have come a long way.

I think we've been totally spoilt by very high end, high production shooters that we kinda forget not every game's going to be like that. For what it is, I didn't find it so unappealing just a normal low budget type FPS that you can find a boat load of for PCs.

I'm assuming retail will be something like $29.99 brand new or something. I tried out the online Co-op MP too and it was alright, again, for what it is.

It's low budget but not neccesarily a bad game. MO

Relin4334d ago

Sounds about right. It had all the usual elements, but I'm not sensing any character. Visuals could use some more spit-polish, tool.

SUP3R4334d ago

It's actually $50, but I'm sure within 2mths it should be down to $40 or $30. If it's $30 I would actually buy it.

Ju4333d ago

It will be down to 29.90 pretty quick, I guess. But I agree. For that price its decent, not comparable with the AAA titles, but fun for the money, I'd say.

Its biggest problem are the visuals, which are not up to the standard, but gameplay mechanic isn't bad at all. Destructive environment is something which not all big budget titles have. Its even impact driven, means wood actually splinters.

But OTHO it lacks in detail in its animation system and other areas. The online co-op is fun, too, IMO. Its relatively easy going (handling).

I enjoyed it more then the Turok demo, which has much better visuals. But that's just because I am not that much of a hardcore gamer, and Turok targets this crowd more. Denied Ops is maybe a decent low budget title for the average gamer ?

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The story is too old to be commented.