Atomic: Doom 3 BFG Edition interview – Tim Willits on designing in “a Call of Duty era”

Atomic: We chat with Tim Willits, creative director at id Software, about Rage, survival horror, the future of 3D technology and the impact of Call of Duty.

"We ran some focus tests through Rage before we shipped it and, if you remember, you could hit the guys, and they’d fall, and then they’d be on the ground and they’d be crawling and they’d try and shoot you, which we thought was awesome. And we had this whole group of hardcore Call of Duty fans come in, and they said, ‘Hey, y’know, there’s a bug in the game that we shoot guys and they don’t actually die. Like, in Call of Duty, they take damage and they die, and then you shoot the next guy, they take damage, and they die. But in Rage, I shoot a guy, he falls down, but he can still shoot at me. Are you guys going to fix that?’ Those were serious questions."

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CrimsonMask2329d ago

doom is doom. cod is cod. both great games at what they do. instead of going for their fans they see $ and think they can go for cod players.

FinaLXiii2329d ago

Why there as to be a call of duty era to begin with...