Monolith Productions developer talks Condemned 2

There's not much to say about this newly released developer walkthrough for Condemned 2: Bloodshot that the video doesn't tell you, with the exception that this game is going to kick much more ass than the previous game. Condemned 2's lead game designer, Frank Rook explains how the game's chain attacks work and shows the more in-depth forensic system.

Despite the fact that all the video is in the pre-beta stage, the game is already looking great, and we can't wait to see more.


Thanks to Mullet...this is a video from the Xbox360 version.

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Guwapo774332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

This is turning out to be pretty interesting. March 11th is the release date for this.

Being I got this video from, I put this under PS3 as it could be the PS3 footage. According to Gamestop both version are to be released on 11 March.

mullet4332d ago

This is the 360 version. Clearly you could see the buttons in the vid.

Guwapo774332d ago

Thanks for the info...I didn't know what in the heck that was. Alright that makes alot of sense now.

ar4332d ago

I think I can hear all mothers in the US screaming already.

Guwapo774332d ago

Indeed! This could very well be the next game to end up on Fox News. No more'll be Deathbox.