Playstation 3 Secrets

If you think you know all there is to know about the PS3, read the following and you might learn a thing or two that you didn't know before. It is updated as new information is uncovered, so visit often if you wish to keep up to date on the latest secrets.

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resistance1004324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Why have they listed a 20GB/80GB PAL model. They don't exist, plus theres no PAL 40GB Model

zambrota4324d ago

PS3 has 2 buses

1 --128 bit GDDR3 to main

1 --64 bit ultra fast XDR to main

PS3 also has 32 pixel shaders not 28 ( 4 temporarily disabled dont kno why. could be enabled by now though) (beyond3d forum)

ps3 is not based on g71/g70

RSX has a dimension of 258 mm^2

G70/G71 based cards have highest dimensions of 196mm^2/160mm^2.

Gorgon4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )


The bigger size of the GPU chip in the PS3 is because it has 4 modules of memory in it. If ypu open the chip cover you can see the four 64MB mem chips plus a normal sized GPU chip that could perfectly be based on a GF 7800.


I have a 40 GB PAL version. You see, we in Europe use PAL and we have the 40GB models.

resistance1004324d ago


I live in europe and know that, you've done no more than misread what i've said.

Look at the table theres NO PAL 40GB On it

novaIS3504323d ago

Zambrota. You do some good research brosef.

deadshark14323d ago

soooooooo..................... ... nutin new i thght wen it said top secret it was gony tell u wen home was out or a new firmware update or somin but this is nothing new, sorry resistance100 we all know this apart from newbies to the ps3 so i have no help here gd submit tho for newbies nice :D

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heyheyhey4324d ago

"one SPE is reserved for the hypervisor"

what is that? could someone please explain im not too sure

and could that SPE ever be implemented for gaming uses?

TheIneffableBob4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

One reserved for redundancy. If one of the cores don't work when the chip is tested, they won't have to scrap the whole chip; this saves them a lot of money.

zambrota4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

yes it could be used for gaming too.

CELL has 8 spes . 1 being reserved /disabled for use with OS and for yeild.

in the future you might see full synchronization of PPE and all the 8 SPES.

One of them is disabled for HEATING PURPOSE. It reduces heat. However since many ps3 games dont even use SPEs we dont even see overheating/heating despite playing ps3 for hours

Gorgon4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

You guys got it wrong.

The total os SPEs is 8 on the Cell. One is disabled because some chips come with a defective SPE out of the fab, so, for Sony not to loose money, they still use those PLUS they disable one on the Cells that have 8 OK SPEs. That way all of them only have 7 working SPEs and so it increases production yelds.

But of these 7 SPEs one is reserved for the OS. That means its not going to be used for games. That leaves 6 for games plus the PPE.

No, they wont be activating the 8th SPE on the PS3 because if they did that we would have people with 7 SPEs and people with 8 SPEs and that would make no sense since games have to work exacteöy the same way on all PS3s.

Bonsai12144324d ago

Gorgon has it sort of right. they disabled one spu in the beginning of production to increase chip yields. 7 correctly made on the same chip vs 8 correctly made on the same chip, odds are much better with 7. then 1 out of the 7 is reserved for OS security and that like, and the other 6 are for processing purposes. you won't see the one disabled one become enabled, and you won't see the os protection spu being used for gaming.

however, 4 spu's working the way they're supposed to creates FFXIII level graphics. imagine what 6 looks like.

Ju4324d ago

SPEs are use in games. Of course. They're used for all kind of stuff, like geometry pre-processing, AI, physics, shader support etc. They are very good at arithmetics but not so good on conditional code. By very good, I mean x times what the PPU could do. The challenge, however, lies in utilizing all the power of the system, and that's where performance got lost (bandwidth, scheduling and synchronization problems). The tools and ways to handle the SPEs (e.g. thru middleware) are getting more and more efficient why we see constant improvements in games.

TheIneffableBob4324d ago

That's what I said, Gorgon.

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TheMART4324d ago

Can anyone tell me how some sort of Wikipedia thing is NEWS???

Jees, this place is controlled by the Sony Defence Force that bring in anything related to the PS3.

BTW, what's up with so many different SKU's?

Model (Prefix) PS2 Compatibility SA-CD WiFi Cell Max Watts Display USB Ports Memory Card Readers Harddrive Capacity Chrome Trim
CECHA Hardware Yes Yes 90nm 2 00 NTSC 4 Yes 60GB Yes
CECHB Hardware Yes No 90nm 20 0 NTSC 4 No 20GB No
CECHC Software Yes Yes 90nm 2 00 PAL 4 Yes 60GB Yes
CECHD Software Yes No 90nm 20 0 PAL 4 No 20GB No
CECHE Software Yes Yes 90nm 2 00 NTSC 4 Yes 80GB Yes
CECHF Software Yes Yes 90nm 2 00 PAL 4 Yes 80GB Yes
CECHG No No Yes 65nm 140 NTSC 2 No 40GB Yes
CECHH No No Yes 65nm 140 NTSC 2 No 40GB Yes

How to confuse the customer: watch Sony!

chrno64324d ago

Don't worry, they all have a harddrive.

gamesblow4324d ago

All have HDD's and HDMI out puts... Not to mention can all play Blu-ray movies and get on the web and browse. That once green grass of the xbox 360's sure looks brown this year. Maybe you should help water it.

SquallSK4324d ago

Dude .. there are PAL and NTSC model (rest of world and america) .. therefor there are so many of em .. btw. 60 and 20GB are all out of stock .. 80GB is next to vanish .. so it'll be just 40GB and maybe 120-160GB deluxe model ..

Jdoki4324d ago

Sony may have released a lot of SKU's, but there's only ever two on the market at a time - so not too confusing for most people.

Plus where's the confusion when all the core features are in every PS3?

MS really dropped the ball in this respect by not including an HDD in every model.

I think it's far more confusing for a consumer to have to choose which XBox360 will work with which games... Burnout Paradise err, no online without HDD. FFXI must have an HDD. This is a situation which is only going to get worse over the 360's lifetime.

You can criticise the hated PS3 all you want for multiple SKU's, but the fact remains that MS made a brilliant decision by including an HDD in every original XBox, then for some unfathomable reason they chopped it out of the 360.

HarryEtTubMan4324d ago

...and TheMart comes out from his hole for one article again.... you've been getting pwned every since 2007... haven't you MART? I like it better when you hide.

Vip3r4322d ago

Yeah because all the potential PS3 owners check this data before buying a PS3.



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Says you4324d ago

related with one of the graphics cards it cant! be nameless!.

zambrota4324d ago

where it showed that basically the XDR and GDDR3 in ps3 are fragmented in such a way that each 256k cache of SPE corresponds to a particluar Block of XDR-GDDR3.

It could be possible since RSX has abnormal size and blocks are kept apart to prevent friction due to heat. RSX has the same register count as g70/71 but it has a much bigger dimension

a psu member mailed NVIDIA regarding this. NVIDIA responded that RSX is not based FULLY on any architecture???? RSX is still a mystery . It has the same programmable flops as g70/71 but it has more Non-programmable flops.

Its architecture is a mystery since it was touted before ps3's release that SONY indeed might have changed RSX

Ju4324d ago

I would also speculate, because there is nothing like a AGP or pci-e in the PS3, that at least the interconnects between RSX and CELL are customized. Doesn't the RSX connect directly to the CELL ? In what way ?

SilPho4324d ago

In a given country there will only be 1 or 2 different SKU's available to customers. In the UK for example we only have the 40GB model. In the US I believe there is the 40GB and 80GB. It's not that hard to pick between them since it's mainly PS2 compatibility and hard drive size that separate them.

A choice of two is easy. This "news" just makes everything seem more complicated, and on top of that some of the information is wrong.

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