Contemporary Dual-Core Processors Shootout

Xbitlabs writes:

"We tested 17 contemporary dual-core processors from AMD and Intel to answer the most important question the users ask these days: what solution is the best choice from the consumer standpoint basing on their price, performance and power consumption."

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THESWAT4324d ago

ya i got a amd 5600+ x2, and im happy with it, its my 1st and last amd, i can OC it to a amd 6000+ so im good to run crysis

GIJeff4324d ago

to amd yet. They had a slowdown recently, but will be kickin @$$ and taking names soon enough. Remember the p4 ownage with the FX? I see that happening again pretty soon. I am the proud owner of a fx-62. My PC boots and i am logged into windows in 35 seconds, ready to play COD4 at 70-90 fps. I paid 150 for my processor. AMD and intel teeder-todder every couple of years. Right now there is no need for a 1300$ intel quad core extreme that will get you a 10% framerate boost over a 100-200$ processor. That money is better spend on a great video card and sound card.

jaja14344324d ago

That and programs that are optimized for the Core Duo let never mind the quad are almost none existent. Though the Core 2 Duo is somewhat gaining in support, software wise.

Fototherapist4324d ago

has really come on strong. I wonder how AMD will compete with the quad cores that are out now?