Xbox Live Arcade Sales Chart - 2/2/08

VGChartz reports that this week, Dreamcast shooter remake "Rez HD" broke all records we've had since the charts started. In just 3 days, it's already amassed $250,000 in sales, and beaten the the rest of the top-5 3 day debut games combined. Yes, it's that massive.

So what's next in store for Rez HD? Most likely alot more sales. Rez HD is well on it's way to eventually selling 500,000 units as projections would place this high of sales within it's first 18 months of sale.

Chessmaster LIVE also debuted rather strongly, despite selling in Rez HD's shadow. With almost 4,000 units sold, it's likely that a casual-selling chess game, such as CM Live could go on to do very well - even though it's at a $10 price point.

In other notable news, Undertow had a huge number of downloads activated this week. This should be the biggest week, with sales beginning to decend from now on. Expect about another 500,000 before it stops.

While Rez gets all of the fanfare, however, Metal Slug 3 finished it's first month of sale with 63,000 units. Since the charts started, this places it at #2 next to Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, with 88,000 units. However, that record won't last very long, as Rez HD should sell over 100,000 units it's first month.

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