Why the PlayStation 3 is set to dominate in 08

Matthew Davis from mygen writes:

"2007 could very well prove itself to have been the turning point for Sony in the seventh generation of gaming hardware. The events of 2007 are going to be the driving force of the PlayStation brand in 2008. This year is going to be very exciting with the launch of new features for the PlayStation 3 and of course a hugely expanded library of games headed into the world. With such strength gathered in such fields in 2008, the sales that will inevitably follow not only ensure a vastly expanded userbase but also a blockbuster 2009."

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Eclipse4928d ago

the biggest thing that held the Ps3 back was the price.

And it sill managed to do good against the xbox360 and it's peak with halo3.

Now for only 400 bucks and tons of quality titles I expect the PS3 to outsell the xbox360 this year.

I don't expect it to beat the xbox360's total lifetime sales up until 2009 or early 2010.

Sexius Maximus4928d ago

As a proud owner of both systems, I think PS3 will have a GREAT 2008. But the problem with 2007 was the fact that it only had 1-2 decent titles IMO. The 360 has a many great titles, with many more to follow, but will probably lose a little ground on 08 due to the PS3's current momentum, but I would hardly call that domination. Regardless of the system you own, it's a great time to be a gamer.

solidt124928d ago

Do you play games on your PS3? 1-2 decent games in 07, are you nuts? There were at least 10 awesome games in 07' on the PS3. here's a short list:

Call of Duty 3
Assassins Creed
Ratchet and Clank Future tools of D.
Heavenly Sword
Orange Box: Halflife 2
Unreal Tournament III

I think all of these games are more than decent and there are more than this. I just named the ones that most people like and came up with 10 games. I didn't list Rainbow 6 because it was out last year on the 360.

Sexius Maximus4928d ago

I get what you're saying, but it depend on how you see it. I'm guessing you only own a PS3, and if the PS3 was my only system too, then there were a few more good titles. However, multiplats are typically better on the 360 (at least for now) so I usually got the 360 versions. Half Life 2, Graw 2, and Assassins for example were all better on the 360. Also, my favorite genre is RPG. The PS3 had Folklore, which was as average as a game gets. That's why I said "IMO" The PS3 just wasn't the heavy hitter in 07 if you own both systems. But 08 look to be better. The only reason I should get disagrees is if they come from PS3 fanboys. Anybody that owns both systems would EASILY agree with me.

jorellpogi4928d ago

I agree that 360 has more great games in 2007. The major problem with 360 is the high hardware failure rate.

I do believe that 2008 will be a great year for PS3.

sonarus4928d ago

Sexius maximus speaks the truth. There were more than 2 decent games for 08 but i see your point. 360 did have the better exclusives and they had them more frequently ps3 owners had to deal with delay after annoying delay. ps3 ports of 360 games were simbly horrible. However this yr things are set to change. with blu ray lookin like the confirmed winner this will draw more attention to the ps3 as the best blu ray player even if you arent into games its still probably the cheapest blu ray out there. secondly the high quality exclusives on the ps3 this yr are unmatched by no other console. The article dosent say ps3 will dominate 08 they say they are set to. In other words they have all the necessary ingredients to dominate both the wii and the 360 this yr. The question is how will they mix up those ingredients to serve us consumers. Home imo really has the potential to take ps3 to greater heights beyond where any console has gone before. They have a wide spectrum of exclsuive games to cater to any gamers taste. I own both consoles and i played the hell out of my 360 last yr favourite title being bioshock. But in the end i will sell one console cus i cannot afford to buy games for both and ps3's performance this yr determines which one i sell. From the looks of it though 360 is goin out

heroman7114928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

im pretty sure sony knew what they were doing. They knew pricing it so high was suicide but they needed their blu ray format to be a success so they had to implement it in there forcing themselves to raise the price so high but in the end they kenw it would pay off and it did cause hd dvd is slowly dying or is dead and blu ray has won and new games need bigger storage devices

Chuck Norris4927d ago

2008 is going to be a good year for the PS3. On a side note, the 3 year warrantee for the early xbox360 owners are about to expire later on in the year.

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Mr_Kuwabara4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Sony just needs to learn from there mistake on pricing the PS3 for $599.99. The console is great, no doubt, but Sony needs to undertstand that even though the PS3 is a great machine, it isn't the only console around.

But 2008 seems to be a great year for Sony/gamers. This year, a bunch of anticipated exclusives are coming out and there finally learning how to advertise there new console. (Seriously what were they thinking with those crappy commercials when it launched, was there advertising team high or something?) a

EDIT: Wow I just noticed that I lost two bubbles.... the only comment I've made since February and since I had 9 was to bring Crysis to the consoles... WOW

The Wood4928d ago

on the topic, predictions are predictions and only become true or false in retrospect. There will be many who said the ps3 would be a flop because of changeable, fixable reasons. Price, no games no rumble no in-game xmb whatever. The only additional cost ps3 owners would have to incur is the cost of the dualshock3 if you care. 35 quid max. The hardware is almost faultless. I say almost faultless because its relatively high power consumption whilst on. Other than that Its quiet, more future proof than its competitors and as solid as a german tank.

Well done sony for 2007 and goodluck for 08 not like you'll need too much

Quickstrike4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Back on subject. The PS3 will have a hell of a better year but I don't think it will pass the Wii in sales simply because of Super Smash Bros Brawl. But I would love to see it happen. The 360 will still sale but the sales of 360 will slow down.

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TheExecutive4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Drop the price by 100 bucks and put out the diverse lineup of games that the ps brand is so well known for and there will be no stopping it again this generation.

Like I said in another post, the wii sells a lot of hardware but lacks the hardcore fanbase that buys a lot of games. The 360 has the hardcore fanbase who buys a ton of games but their gaming library is too specific to the hardcore gamers and therefore their user base is smaller.

The ps3's main problem is its price. They need to drop it to 299 and 399, at least, in order to reach the casual gaming market. The hardcore gamers will come at 299 and 399 with games like MGS, GT, KZ2 and GTA4.

However, the casual gamer will still have a hard time justifying that price tag. But price goes down over time. The ps3 has a wonderful lineup of diverse games coming such LBP and a bevy of fun downloadable games, PJ: Monsters anyone? Sony needs to work on getting a very diverse gaming library out right now and work on getting the price down and there will be no stopping the ps3.

OC Shock Value4928d ago

The real reason for this domination will be MGS4, and a few others.. and i cant even begin to think of the surge a price drop will make

2 cents4928d ago

The ps3 is more value for the money when it comes to features, and once the big guns are released it`s obvious that it will do far better than it does now, and a price drop will really propel it to the most wanted console.