2007 European Hardware Sales (As Guessed By EA)

Unlike Japan and the US, it's nigh-on impossible to get accurate hardware sales numbers for the European market as a whole. There are multiple companies tracking their sales charts, not every country is covered in published sales figures, not every batch of data includes total sales figures, etc etc. Lots of problems. EA, though, have taken a swing at predicting 2007's hardware sales charts themselves, basing it all on what we assume is paid-for GfK and ChartTrack data.

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The Killer4329d ago

and ps3 sold 1 million more than 360 and another million more in japan!

and they told me this is the year of the 360? how? what happened? i remember in fox news when they said halo 3 put the final nail in the ps3 coffin!! wat a childish comment to say on TV!! shows u how M$ suckers can throw BS and non sense, and they keep day dreaming!
i can tell the ps3 will put the final nail on the 360 coffin but not now and not next year either, i predict it will be in the end of 2009 or 2010!



this is my fanboy side!! now its on but mostly its off!!

Cwalat4328d ago

PS3 had only been out 9 months in Europe and sold 2.8 million!
doubly ammount of 12 months sales of xbox 360...
yeah, those who say xbox isnt about to die in EU go get raped..

2 cents4329d ago

The only reason why x360 hasn`t sold well in europe and will never sale, is reliability. I`m from europe and i can`t accept anything that brakes down often, with warranty or not.

resistance1004329d ago

I suspect its also that we prefer varity in games, FPS (with exception of UK) don't fare great and thats all the 360 really has when coming to great games. Games in other genres are average at best imo. Compared with the PS3 which are games such as Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, Uncharted etc, which are more european based games.

darkshiz4328d ago

Yeah who keeps on buying unreliable products that's Americans.

actas1234329d ago

Microsoft and all xbox 360 adopters should be very happy with this numbers. Come one now u really though a piece of junk that has little brand recognition in the gaming industry is gonna kill the worlds number one brand? what the hell? Microsoft and all 360 adopters should be very happy if 360 even sold only one million in the entire 08 year.

Ju4329d ago

Hm, they are estimating the PS3 sales lower, which is interesting, given the PS3 was launched in March 2007, and the price tag was so much higher.

zambrota4328d ago

ps3's price in europe remained at 600 until it was slashed in October to 499E and 400E (new 40 gig model).

PS3 also launched in March ,2007 there.

I also believe That EA is significantly underestimating ps3 sales in 2008 for europe . Also note that GT5 will be coming out in europe this year. GT and PES are the 2 biggest games in europe.

Plus SONY could also cut their ps3 price this year in europe so i agree EA is undeestimating ps3 sales in europe (significantly if not massively)

Also PLEASE BE ADVISED the above figures are not for PAL region but for europe only. In a sense it doesnt include rest of asia,australia,nz,middle east and other territories.

The sales figures above are just for european countries

Gina-get-u4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

These are the most reliable numbers for Europe that you are going to get for free, until some other company decides to share its internal intelligence. EA paid professional research firms for these numbers, and they have to be good because EA relies on these numbers for making actual business decisions, not stupid fanboy pissing contests. EA has no reason to underestimate or overestimate anybody's sales, because they do so in peril of losing money. And unless you actually have access to information obtained from these professional market tracking consultancy firms, you have no more reliable basis of comparison for detrmining whether these numbers are above or below the margin of the statistical metric.

hotshot1274329d ago

espicially if sony drops to 299.99.

japan numbers would be around 90,000 to 100,000 a week and im not even talking about the holiday season numbers.

european numbers, i think the ps3 would probably outsell the 360 next christmas by about 200,000 a week since it already outsold it by 120,000 a week this christmas.

and in america, with all the big SHOOTERS COMING OUT. socom, killzone2, resistance 2, MGS4 and BLURAY. i would assume that the ps3 may even outsell here in america by some thousands next holiday.

but thats just MY OPINION so dont hate.

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The story is too old to be commented.