Burnout Paradise: MSXbox review - 'incredible gameplay, online and off'

MSXbox writes: "Vehicles in Burnout Paradise handle really well and 360 owners will be pleased to hear the rumble feature in the controller is put to good use. Burnout Paradise provides a massive world to explore, and many secrets to find with over 30 square kilometers of road. It became very apparent to me as I explored new roads, that the entire city has been painstakingly designed to provide a true playground for maniacal drivers to tear around in. Despite this city feels natural, the perfect melding of design, and FUNctionality.

As if this weren't enough the game also include an incredibly seamless online mode that allows you to instantly enter an "EasyDrive" session with 7 other friends or strangers. Once in EasyDrive the host of the session can set group challenges to accomplish, start events, or just allow everyone to mess around in random pickup races outside of the constraints of an event. Players can even create their own race events with preset start and finish lines!

Burnout Paradise is a game I can wholeheartedly recommend as a must own title. It has so much value packed into it that my review has gone on far longer than it normally does … and there are still things about the game I wish I had the space to rave about. If you are a fan of fun you need Burnout Paradise."

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TheMART4330d ago

Rumble out of the box, XBOX 360 at least. Ain't that great. A last gen feature according to Sony in your hands from day one after you got the 360 and not have to spend another 60 bucks on one with rumble ahahahha

Great. Burnout Paradise with massive rumble will be mine

Burekman4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Well, too bad it isn't online out of the box... At least for the core users.

unsunghero284330d ago

"360 owners will be pleased to hear the rumble feature in the controller is put to good use."

Am I the only one that thinks this, an obviously Xbox-supporting site, might be trying a bit too hard to make people think the 360 version is superior? I mean the new DualShock is coming out in just a couple months, so it's not even much of an issue, but since when did RUMBLE make or break a game?

From what I've heard the two versions are absolutely identical... and for that matter the PS3 was the primary development platform. 360 gamers just can't accept the possibility that when you pay the $500 for a PS3 you really are getting your money's worth.

Clinton5144330d ago

Open the game(ps3), pop it into a PS3 and it has rumble. No updates required.


LJWooly4330d ago

Yes, while PS3 owners spend another $50 for a DualShock, a purchase that you could easily do without; you have to pay another $50 for another year of Live, something that should have cost $0 in the first place, especially since PS3 owners are getting it for free.

I remember people calling the PS3 the 'Pay'Station 3, and now it's cheaper than the Xbox. You got ripped off, mate.

Snukadaman4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Playing last night I got too really go through the game and I did notice those same washed out graphics with most ps3 I say..if ps3 will start being the lead console, Xbox 360 owners get the shaft...And please dont tell me theres no difference in that washed out look...put any other EA game in and you notice the crisp colors ...ths colors for this game are madden 08 and you notice colors...I guess we have too have the lowest common denominator when it comes too multiplatform games now since the ps3 is the lead.

@wooly..this display this on the xbox or ps3 cause I see nowhere in game with such also on a vga setup..i looked in-game and theres

LJWooly4330d ago

Snukadaman, go to 'Settings' on the XMB, go to 'Display Settings', and cahnge the RGB to 'Full'. You will instantly notice the difference, and the colours will no longer appear washed out.

If that doesn't work, there must be a problem with your TV. Try adjusting the brightness or contrast. Hope i helped! :)

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ASSASSYN 36o4330d ago

If you still have a core 360 without a harddrive you don't play games much or not at all.

Liquid Ocelot4330d ago

or maybe core owners don't want to fork out a 100 euro or dollars for a 20gb harddrive which in my opinion is a big rip-off.

Bnet3434330d ago

Core owners are casual gamers, so they don't matter.

LJWooly4330d ago


It would be nice if the 360's 20GB HDD was that cheap over here in the UK, it costs £70 here. What a rip-off, eh?

Liquid Ocelot4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Yeah it is i just hope Microsoft make the hard drive standard for all versions of the 360 soon.

I think its not fair for people who buy the core/arcade 360 then pay for this game only to find out that they have to pay for a hard drive just to play on-line oh and pay $50 for XBL too.

You might as well just go and buy a PS3 and a copy of the game and save yourself a lot of hassle oh and if i sound like a fanboy i apologize for that i didn't mean too.

LJWooly4330d ago

No, you didn't sound like a fanboy at all. You sound quite reasonable. You should post in the gamer zone like I do, it's far better.
Right now i'm in the open zone because there's not really anything happening in the gamer zone :)

It's unfortunate that the 360's so expensive, but I'm sure there'll be some price cuts soon. Right now the PS3's at a very competitive price, considering value for money, and microsoft really need to get it together if they have any hope of making it through 2008 intact.

But to be honest, i don't really care about microsoft, I just want the gamers to be happy. 360 owners shouldn't get ripped off like that, especially the Core/Arcade owners.

Also, Live needs to be free. it's ridiculous that you have to pay $50 a year for something you can get for free on the PS3.

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rbanke4330d ago

There are so many reviews for the same games on this site. Wouldnt it be better to have a review section, and keep the NEWS in the NEWS section?

Hellgiver4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

I agree. And keep the small updates in their game's areas only too.

MK_Red4330d ago

You can choose the "News" in the main page to hide articles like these reviews :)

As for the review, awesome find and score.

Hellgiver4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Well, yeah, but is there a way to make it show everything but certain types of news, such as reviews?

ToastyMcNibbles4330d ago

well Mart and all the other 360 fiends out there are real proud that they have rumble right out of the box..i mean thats pretty impressive i must really im happy for you its like definitely something that you should be proud of

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