1UP reviews PixelJunk Monsters: 'incredibly addictive'

This review is eight days late, and the reason is critical in assessing PixelJunk Monsters: It's a very challenging game. Despite its warm, accommodating art and character design and what's ostensibly a one-button control scheme, making any sort of progress requires careful planning, plenty of improvisation, and relentless persistence. Though those qualities don't sound inherently engaging on their own, the masterful balance and tuning behind every strategy element in play makes Monsters an incredibly addictive, satisfyingly hard-fought proposition that few games match as elegantly.

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gamesblow4327d ago

They copied my review!!!

Well, in a sense. They don't give out the awesome Lucas Barton award like I do. ;-)

-EvoAnubis-4327d ago

I've only got two rainbows thus far, despite beating five levels. This game is NOT easy, but hot damn, it's fun.

Armyless4327d ago

if you beat Easy and Medium.

;) I won't spoil what they are, but don't waste too much time perfecting your game without them.

solidt124327d ago

Very fun addictive game. Like desktop tower defense but better with more depth.

meepmoopmeep4327d ago

even with the frustrations and hours on one single level it's just so hard to put down

crippler6664327d ago

The more I play this game the more impressed I am. Multi player is excellent and single player is addictive. I have only just weened myself off Stardust HD and now this little gem has arrived.

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