Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Prestige Edition Teased on Facebook

Treyarch have released an image of what appears to be the latest "Prestige" Edition of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on the Call of Duty Facebook, stating that more will be revealed tomorrow.

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BringingTheThunder4198d ago

sadly this wasnt approved last night

Swiggins4198d ago

Yeah, unfortunately I tagged some things wrong when I submitted this, which unfortunately delayed it until today when it was no longer prudent.

I'm new at this though, so a few hiccups are to be expected.

CarlosX3604198d ago

Don't worry about it. Roll with the punches.


Xbox backwards compatibility sends old Call of Duty games back into the Top Five | UK Monthly Charts

GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 leap up due to summer sales

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shadowT195d ago

Xbox $70 billion bet paid out

fr0sty195d ago

Guess that's what happens when there's no good new games to play...

4Sh0w195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Well regardless of exclusives, or whatever else there is to play on Xbox or ps, CoD has has still been the top selling game on ps platform since forever also.....so no surprise that the most popular game franchise on any console could easily have a revival due to servers coming back online...this is just credit to xbox backwards compatibility & thats good thing for Xbox gamers.

wiz7191195d ago

@Frosty orrrr maybe it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to go back to the peak of the series .. and it’s beem great lol

mkis007195d ago

It's going to take 10 years for xbox to generate that much profit...

Rhythmattic194d ago

Why worry when they have OS, Server and Background Data in their hands...
Gaming is just the small piece, at the top left in a few K piece jigsaw.

EasilyTheBest194d ago

If you buy a house with cash for 1 million dollars you still own the house. Microsoft don't need to make the money back.

Rhythmattic192d ago

But its not money back, its about how it goes missing.

jznrpg195d ago

Shooters is what Xbox people play most of the time and that’s about it by the numbers and sales of games.

shinoff2183195d ago

Atkeast older gamers nostalgia is good. Jeez.

Jin_Sakai195d ago

Mostly because the new CoD games are garbage. The old games were much better.

Rutaprkl194d ago

Agree 100%. Cod 4, WaW, Black ops 1 & 2, those were the days.

Rhythmattic194d ago

For MP, Unreal tournament , QIII Arena (loved the UT mod) FTW!

RaidenBlack194d ago

Unreal Tournament and Quake III were simply amazing ... CoD's and CoD-likes' rise killed the arena shooter popularity ...
Unreal Tournament 2004 is my favorite in the series.
Didn't enjoy Unreal Tournament III, Quake Champions that much.
Too bad Epic cancelled Unreal Tournament 2014 becoz of Fortnite

Rhythmattic194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

I got hooked on the QIII Urban Terror mod (and my work colleagues I introduced them to)... LAN Sessions at the closing of the doors at work, into the night , sinking beers and eating pizza..... Good times.

thesoftware730195d ago

Wow, good games never get old I guess.

CoD will always be a beast of a franchise, and how awesome is it that you can just boot it up or pop it into your Xbox and play, MS BC is really a neat feature.

CrimsonWing69195d ago

Shows you that backwards compatibility is a worthwhile feature.

1Victor194d ago

@crimson:” Shows you that backwards compatibility is a worthwhile feature.”
I agree it’s worthy at the start of the generation when there’s few new generation games but halfway through the generation it’s not a feature.
Now it’s good that this game is finding a renewed life for its fan but it shows a mayor flaw in new games release when a close decade old game is toppling the charts

CrimsonWing69194d ago

I don't know if I understand what you mean. It's a feature regardless of the time into the generation.

Let's take Armored Core 6 for example. Let's say I'm interested in checking out the previous Armored Core games, sure would be nice if I could play them on my current-gen console.

We're about 3 years into current-gen and old games are hitting in the top 5 for sales charts in the month.

I do get where you're coming from with older games possibly being better than the newer games, but the feature stays the feature. I can only speak for myself, but when there's a lull in game releases or nothing great is out, I like to go back to old titles. It's just nice to not have to have a bunch of consoles out to do so.

I think moving forward it'll be less and less of an issue as like with the PS5 you can access most all of the PS4 games, but I like going back to PS1 and PS2. Would be awesome to kind of make backwards compatibility a prioritized feature moving forward. Hell, Sony was the first to implement it.