Penumbra: Black Plague review by IGN

If you're one of those who grimaces and / or scoffs when somebody suggests you should play an adventure game, try to swallow your pride for a second and give this game a shot. Without the awkward combat of Overture, Black Plague is a smoother experience where the clumsiness of the physics and control systems are exposed far less frequently. Though you'll be a little lost at Black Plague's outset, if you're only going to pick one of these two this is the one to go with; it'll make sense eventually. Should you decide to dive in, be prepared for an engaging ride through a Lovecraftian gauntlet of horrors, enjoyable puzzles, eerie ambient tracks, and an immersive, disquieting atmosphere. While much of Black Plague and the Penumbra games in general isn't wholly novel and shrouded in a cloud of low production values, it is most definitely refreshing.

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