Top Ten Scariest Video Games Ever

StuffKit: "Good horror games must make you scared sometimes. Here is the list of the top ten scariest games which you have to play at 2AM with the lights off."

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newn4gguy4718d ago


I love Silent Hill 2. Really. It's one of the best games ever made.

Putting it ahead of Amnesia OR Fatal Frame II is a bit ridiculous though, don't you think?

I also would have left out Condemned, Dead Space, and Eternal Darkness. I love all three games, but scary? Nope.

Venoxn4g4718d ago

good comment, I agree with you to everything..

I can include Fatal frame IV, Silent hill 3..too..

newn4gguy4718d ago

DUDE! I need to play Fatal Frame IV!!! Does it have English options, if I import it?

Pozzle4718d ago (Edited 4718d ago )

@newn4gguy: FFIV doesn't have an English option, but if you import the Japanese version there's an English patch you can download to get it run with English subtitles.

You don't need to have homebrew or anything. There's more info on the patch here: http://www.fatalframe4.net/

meetajhu4717d ago

I agree with silent hill 2 at no.1 but where is Doom 3?

na-no-nai4717d ago

Well depending on what update you wont have to need the homebrew. Mine is 4.3 so you will need to homebrew it. It took me a hour to actually get the patch to work since for some odd reason the wii with 4.3 update; you have to tinker with the english patches.

But yeah awesome game; pretty freaky

Projekt7tuning4717d ago

I would have to throw the very first Resident Evil in there. The very first time I played it in like 95-96(whenever the hell it came out), those damn Dogs that jumped through the window scared the crap out of me and my buddy lol.
That was innovation back then on a console lol.

Venoxn4g4717d ago

@Projekt7tuning 1st Re:make on gamecube was awesome too! :) ..it gave me a lot of scares.. second was great too in scares: MR. X !!!! :)

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LoaMcLoa4718d ago

You can play Fatal Frame IV with english text, if your Wii has homebrew.

Pozzle4718d ago (Edited 4718d ago )

Actually the translation patch for FFVI allows you to play the Japanese import even without homebrew. My Wii didn't have homebrew when I imported the game, and it worked fine once I had the patch up and running. I don't know how the translation guys did it, but they did.

ATi_Elite4718d ago

I think it could go either way!

Silent Hill Fatal Frame or Amnesia could all rotate the 1,2,3 position. They are the top 3 no matter what!!

Ducky4718d ago

While Amnesia is scarier in it's actual gameplay, I found SilentHill2 to have a more lasting psychological effect.

My personal scariest game (SystemShock2) failed to make it on the list.
I still flinch every time I hear a monkey.

jp334717d ago

I definitely agree with SS2.

Hearing a Hybrid yelling "Ruuunn, ruuunnn!" and not knowing where it's coming from is the creepiest thing.

The incredible sound really made up for the graphics.

Blacktric4717d ago

Amnesia is a great game but it's just a game that builds up tension and then scares the player with jump scare tactics. Silent Hill 2 is a psychological rollercoaster and it makes you feel disturbed throughout the game. And it's not just because it builds up the tension using simple things like lightning but because of how the characters act and how everything from monsters to way characters behave symbolizes something disturbing in James' life. When I reached the boss fight with Eddie in SH 2, I was already started questioning myself and things I did in my life. It's an amazing game.

fullmetal2974717d ago

I disagree with your opinion. The bulk of scare of Amnesia stems from the main character's fear of the monster roaming around. He will poo his pants and go into shock just hearing a monster footsteps, so the entire game is revolves around them as much as possible.

Jappy-k74717d ago

Silent Hill 4 was the scariest and most disturbing game among the whole series and my favorite

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Sharkie434718d ago ShowReplies(4)
r214718d ago

im glad siren's on the top five at least. i agree that it is way scarier than dead space and fear. i know cause i finished both those games easily. for siren though, i stopped till chapter 5. the game is f-ed up and crap my pants scary!

BuffMordecai4718d ago

I don't know why fear is on the list. It was a great game, but definitely not scary.

megalonagyix4718d ago

I shat myself at the locker part of Condemned. Also, I'd replace Dead Space with Resident Evil. The latter paved the way for DS.

clockworkrazor4717d ago

I luv Resident Evil.

The fact is that the only truly SCARY Resident Evil games are REmake and RE0 on Gamecube. those games had it all - great tense atmosphere , beautifully haunting music and excellent graphics.

Just cause the dogs scared ya when they jumped through the windows in RE1 back in tha day doesnt mean that the whole game was actually scary.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis was tense because of the NEMESIS but it wasnt really scary either and code veronica was a damn good RE game too but not scary at all.

Also what was scary about RE2? running through a mostly empty police station through most of the game? naa not scary at all. but the lickers were kool.

villevalorox4717d ago

It was bright in the day and I was playing condemned 2.. o screamed pike a little bit*# when you first encounter the bear.