Jaffe: Here's My G--------- Wii Controller, B----s

Kotaku: The man behind vehicular shooter Twisted Metal, David Jaffe, recently fired back with with a nigh perfect response to Shigeru Miyamoto's question "Why would you make that? Why would you put a gun on a car?"

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gamesblow4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

It just goes to show logic doesn't pay in Nintendo world. In Nintendo world they can do no wrong. In Nintendo world Miyamoto is God in the flesh. In reality, he's a Hitler.

Miyamoto is a damn liar and he's gotten away with rape and murder for years and years in the videogame industry. He's had his way with every good idea from every good developer and no one ever questions if he had inspiration in doing the **** he does.

Pikmen is a glorified Lemmings... Sorry, folks.

Mario Galaxy... Like it, love it or hate it... Had much inspiration from R&C.

Animal Crossing was the sims for kids.

I can go on and on and on some more. He is not as talented or as ingenuous as you people like to think and anyone who thinks he never played R&C is a damn fool. More so cause just 2 years prior I have a picture of him playing Jak 3 at E-3, while Jason Rubins sits idle watching him play.

You mean to tell me he's heard of Jak, Crash and Spyro but not R&C... ? Please.

Iamback4331d ago

Awesome post, ill give you a bubble.

rofldings4331d ago

Kohler: Apparently when Miyamoto first went to Retro Studios, they were making a car combat game, he said, "Why would you make that? Why would you put a gun on a car?" And they stopped development on the game. So maybe you should answer that question. Why would you put a gun on a car?

Jaffe: You know, honestly, I've been too busy recently trying to figure out why the f~ck go-karts shoot banana peels.

I'm not gonna lie, that's some major pwnage handed by Jaffe to Miyamoto. Even though I enjoy both their games. :)

jwatt4331d ago

I give you the post of the month on that one, that was great.

GETPWNED4330d ago

@gamesblow. you're quite braindead. here's a cookie.

ChickeyCantor4330d ago

super mario world 2: yoshis island already did the galaxy concept.
R&C ?
Sonic adventures 2 is more realistic

darkside4329d ago

dude, great post!!! i totally agree with u

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decapitator4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

My favorite developer ever just made history again. I personally dont like him cursing too much but like he said, that's just the way he was brought up. I mean he could try to change but hey, thats up to the man.

This is what I feared might happen if Nintendo wins this generation. I don't care who, Microsoft or Sony, Please do something to take back your lead

Recently Miyamoto has been somewhat downplaying the other developers such as Insomniac by saying that he has never heard of Ratchet and Clank ?!?! Was he serious ? I mean come on now...

jwatt4331d ago

I actually remember that becuase Insomniac had already made a game where you walk around planets, I thought that was disrespectful.

v1c1ous4331d ago

inspired by rachet-n-clank's spherical world. like miyamoto somehow copied them.

but if you want to get technical, this was done before with sonic.

so miyamoto wasn't insulting imsomniac by saying he never heard of rachet n clank (hey, i didn't even hear about fallout until fallout3 got announced for 360/ps3)

imsomniac set themselves up for a smackdown on that one.

espoac4331d ago

I disagree. Inspiration is not the same as copying them. What Insomniac actually said was that they would be honored if SMG was inspired by their games.
The notion that Miyamoto didn't know what R&C was is ridiculous. R&C is one of the franchises that helped PS2 lay the smackdown on GC last gen.
Quite simply Miyamoto lied to make R&C seem insignificant.

I can respect the man's achievements in gaming but character-wise he's just petty.

Hatchetforce4331d ago

Wait, there is a picture of Miyamoto playing Jak and Daxter but he has never heard of R&C - his claim. The guy is a liar. He is so smug and self righteous he can't admit some round eye inspired run that omne character into the ground. If someone lacks creativity it is Miyamoto.

INehalemEXI4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

I would like to see a new Mature IP from Miyamoto that does not have to do with one of his trademark icons.

liquidsnake4330d ago

You've got that right man.

MikeGdaGod4330d ago

yes they've made great games for years but its time they tried something new. all the really good games are either Mario or Zelda. i'm tired of both those franchises. i don't wanna play another Mario game for the rest of my life, no matter how good it is.

as time passes and we get older, some things just don't appeal to me the way they used to. Nintendo games is one of those things.

Bubble Buddy4330d ago

decApitator, you're right, MS or Sony win i don't care, just not Nintendo, with Miyamoto already insulting Insomniac. Insomniac will be better than they ever will be, i don't care what other people say. Good job Jaffe. Tell him off. Make a video of Kratos owning Mario or something.

IntelligentAj4330d ago

Keep waiting because i'm pretty sure you won't see one anytime soon. Why break from your breadwinners?

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Azures4331d ago

Why would put a gun on a car? Why would you put a plumber in space?

INehalemEXI4331d ago

LMAO , I would give a bub if I could but I already have.

TheIneffableBob4331d ago

Those black holes need unclogging.

OldGamer4331d ago Show
Lord_Ash4330d ago

lol. very logical question. bubbles for you my friend.

Bubble Buddy4330d ago

Yo bubbles man. Screw Miyamoto. He prob can't make a great game without a plumber in it. This year is 360's and ps3's year.

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DrPirate4331d ago

I don't see eye to eye with Jaffe in terms of game designs, but he does what he loves and creates what he envisions which is a very respectable quality.

However I admit, the comment about the banana peel, and this response to the Nintendo fans up in arms over that comment is quite spectacular and it's true.

I thought it was funny and for not a moment did I get the impression he was backhanding Miyamoto or the Mario Kart series.

Yo Mama4331d ago

I LOVE Jaffe! He always speaks his mind and is right probably 100% of the time. He reminds me of Patton Oswalt during that video. Hilarious.

Chubear4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

Nah, not even close; but it's Jaffe an we love him... well a lot of us do anyways.. I think :P